Supreme Court redux: remember when I said:

that eventually the Supreme Court would have to decide whether or not the fetus is a legal person? It's going to happen. Remember, folks, that once the fetus is a legal person, what we'll have is not only an overturning of Roe v. Wade, but in fact a reversal -- that abortion will become illegal in all fifty states. Got any friends who have to travel out of state to get abortions? I do.

Anyway, it's just a stupid political commentator, but here we go. The total broadcast is more than two hours, but I've skipped to the important part. You won't have to watch much to get the point.

What happens, then, when you have diminutive intellects such as Bill Maher or the Due Dissidence crew trying to reason through abortion, you get garbage like this. The real issue at hand is that, when a fetus is part of her or his mother, is, in physical fact, an organ within the mother's body, is the mother obliged to carry the fetus to term?

Once again, from the New Yorker:

Anyone who can get pregnant must now face the reality that half of the country is in the hands of legislators who believe that your personhood and autonomy are conditional—who believe that, if you are impregnated by another person, under any circumstance, you have a legal and moral duty to undergo pregnancy, delivery, and, in all likelihood, two decades or more of caregiving, no matter the permanent and potentially devastating consequences for your body, your heart, your mind, your family, your ability to put food on the table, your plans, your aspirations, your life.

Next on the chopping block: miscarriage. Once we put women on trial for miscarriages, we'll have made the full transition back to 1692 and the Salem Witch Trials.

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it will reduce the lobbyists coming in with pockets full of "donations" for both parties. Lobbyists, donations, abortion, has had a dominating effect of the swearing in of every one of those Supremes.
Abortion has been a money maker for politicians for seemingly ever.
Nobody but us, the 99%, understand what pregnancy does to individuals and families, their finances, their family dynamics.

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

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Codifying abortion rights is not my priority after telling us that it would be his first priority. Democrats have had 3 decades to pass abortion rights, but they’d rather run on the issue than do anything about it. What I can’t understand is why the fcking base isn’t calling them out for it. Brunch is more important I guess. Nor why they didn’t ream Hillary for picking anti abortion Tim Kaine as her VP. Boy that took cajones didn’t it? Pelosi, Schumer and others helping anti abortion Cueller over a pro abortion progressive. I noted their silence on this too.

On another note, shitlib central had a poll on whether European countries should bring back the draft and make its people go fight in Ukraine. 85% were in favor of it.

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Which AIPAC/MIC/pharma/bank bought politician are you going to vote for? Don’t be surprised when nothing changes.

Voting is like driving with a toy steering wheel.

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It is political hype for an election season.The pattern keeps repeating for a new generation of voter who have limited personal experience in life or deep knowledge of history. And to keep a the political base motivated to believe they can vote a problem away.

Prosecution has been going on for decades due to a miscarriage and/or harm to a fetus. It has never stopped. It is a cultural problem which is callously used as a wedge issue.

Just a couple of contemporary articles.
US women are being jailed for having miscarriages BBC Nov 2021

The increasing risk of criminal charges for women who experience a miscarriage PBS Jan 2024 (video & transcript)

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Still yourself, deep water can absorb many disturbances with minimal reaction.
--When the opening appears release yourself.

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specify exactly the moment at which a fetus (whose rights will apparently supercede those of the happenstance female baby-carrying object, and are therefore infinite) become zero, so that it can be killed at any arbitrary time- just like the rest of us objects.

It it the moment the fetus enters the birth canal, the moment it sees the first light of day, the moment the umbilical is severed? When exactly? Asking for a friend...

Good grief. And, for the humor-impaired, This Was Snark.

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Twice bitten, permanently shy.

common sense has left the court
to have a brief shot of sanity
a recess to inform CNN about
non-compliance implications

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