The Dose - November 25-2021

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I now have a personal experience with Covid-times.

We had a two week period of no air movement in the atmosphere. Meanwhile the weather has turned cold and people have lit up their wood stoves. There is a lot of wood burning heat in France even in Paris.

We had two wood stove smoke events: a two week long inversion with no air movement and lots of wood stove smoke; our own newly installed house stove had new but as we found out cheap single-wall in the house, leading to smoke leaks in the house.

Combined my overly sensitive respiratory track became inflamed and started swelling with incredible discomfort. We drove out to see what altitude would give us some relief. Our local hills were not high enough, so we headed west into the Madeline Mountains, a northern extension of the Massif Centrale.

We got to 850 meters and finally found some clear air. We also found a resort with wooden buildings and all-electric heat. It is off season but they were willing to let us rent by the week until the next storms come in.

While there we stopped for lunch in a small village, where people were moving about freely. In the village there were a lot of wood burners and my lungs began to tighten. We went to talk with a pharmacist, who was an old guy who didn't seem to understand what we needed.

He called the medicin en guard (night/weekend doctor), who was an older woman, who also couldn't understand me. Maybe we were in France Profund.

The next thing we saw was a SAMU - Sapeurs Pompiers (Fire fighters/EMT, Ambulance) The two young men invited me into the back where there was a gurney. They asked me to lie on it and tell them what was going on.

The 'ambulance' is very simple by US standards: no oxygen, no sign of rescue medications if needed; only a blood pressure/oximeter/heart rate monitor;

I told them about sensitivity to wood smoke and how constricted my lungs were. I tried to make sure they understood that without that problem I am strong, able to split wood and other things. All I needed was fresh air.

They asked if we had our COVID 'vaccines' (here I made a mistake) and I told them under doctors' advice, no. The driver was smirking. Then without being able to consult Mr. Meta, they closed the doors and started for the hospital in Vichy.

They asked a few basic questions. I showed them my ten year residence card and my Carte Vitale. The ride was twenty five minutes. I asked them if the hospital did a COVID rapid test and they said yes.

I tried to ask if Mr. Meta was following. I didn't understand the answer. My blood pressure was very high. I think the uncertainty and my basic intense dislike of hospitals and doctors in general had my anxiety pegged.

We arrived and they transfered me to a hospital gurney. What I saw next was a scene out of oh, I don't know, Dickens. Absolutely stuffed entrance area, with maybe forty or fifty people: some on gurney, some on hospital chairs, crammed into a small dim area.

Two people were admitting. Things were moving, or I should say, not moving much. I swear the old man next to my parking space was dying. The smell of death was there.

I started panicking. I was sure COVID was there. They were not screening nor distancing. And abulances from different groups were bringing more in by the minute.

I watched how things were going. The drivers did some paperwork and brought the bracelet to me. I told them I wasn't sick and wanted out. They left. I couldn't lie down. I stayed sitting up. People were there with various injuries and apparent sickness of some sort.

I finally talked with some ladies across from me who told me they had been there for three hours and it didn't look like anything was happening soon. I couldn't imaging I would get anything that would help my personal situation but might get a new problem I might not be able to handle.

The ladies could tell I wanted out and got an arriving ambulance driver to lower me so I could get off the gurney. I jumped off and went to the window. The two or three people there were frazzled, but finally reluctantly talked to me. I asked if it was possible that people there had COVID. They said yes. I told them I was not sick. They asked my name. I told them. (Shouldn't have as I might get charged whatever they decide to do.) I told them it was overcrowded and that they could have my spot. I said loudly so that people around me could hear - that there was no distancing, no protection (we all had masks, but...)and the not sick were mixed with the sick.

I headed for the waiting rooms and the exit. I met a lovely woman from Paris there, who I talked with about what was going on and why I was there. She said Paris air was worse, and that the hospital was no place to be.

Then luckily Mr. Meta showed up and took me away. I was terrified. When we got back to our cabin, we rinsed as much as we could our noses, throats and eyes. Took Ivermectin just in case.

The best thing that is happening this week is that backs against the wall I called a new French friend who was an architect and is my age. He speaks English quite well and I asked if he had time to listen to our plight. Explained the breathing/air problem and the hellish experience with the hospital. He said we could meet at his house which is quite close to ours. We were there in two hours.

He could see our distress, and our need of rescue. He is unusual in that no matter how complicated a situation is he takes it in stride. Then we learned some welcome and unexpected news: he is involved with a group of friends. They are all COVID shot not. The group includes several alternative healthcare professionals. He said they could open doors we might not otherwise know how to get to. He called one of his good friends and rather than meet at her cabinet, she invited us to her home. He explained what was going on and what we needed.

It was Mr. Meta's birthday which was not going well. His back is out, both of us were stressed and on our own. Suddenly, there was a group of intelligent well-read people who are in the French rural country side quietly living a very nice lifestyle. Lovely homes, camaraderie, interests, and willing to help. We are getting appointments to help sort our physical problems, they are in our nearest village. We were in town today, met our new friend and visited the lady we met the other night, got an osteopath for Mr. Meta and set an appointment for diagnosis/figuring out what might be the best help for me.

Everyone agrees it's too late to get a letter of exemption and we would not have gotten one anyway as we are not connected to a medicin traitant (primary care doctor) since we moved into our house. Also that hospitals are out.

Mr. Meta ended up having a better birthday than we expected: our Irish and British friend installed a new stove pipe - donating their time for his birthday. Our new friend talked with us and M. O. At the end of our visit she brought out champagne, a really good one, and shared it with us in honor of Mr. Meta's birthday.

They are encouraging us to believe we can get better and have a good life.

If anyone has the latest from Chris Martenson, FLCCC, or any other good podcast, please post links.

We have found one of the best interpreters of Ravel to be Pierre Boulez. My goodness he made some fabulous music.

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Dawn's Meta; that is Dickensian. Who knew that in this day and age we would have to make an escape from our hospitals? Yipes. I am so relieved that things are working out for you and Mr. Meta. Community can be all Yes?. A no shot, intelligent group, seems crucial now. Keep on pushing. I hope you are able to take deep calming breaths asap.

Thanks for telling your story. I knew before from my own experience that what we are doing here matters in a variety of ways. Every new account I hear like yours serves to confirm that opinion.

Happy birthday to Mr. Meta. Good champagne even! Such generosity and kindness from your group.
You wouldn't have found them had you not known to look for them.

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@randtntx encouragement.

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A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Allegedly Greek, but more possibly fairly modern quote.

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which develop out of adverse conditions.
Happy there are still helpful people in the world.
Good things happen to good folks Wink

Merci Dawn!

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@QMS dinner next year. Getting the wood stoves started and cleaning up from our absences.

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A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Allegedly Greek, but more possibly fairly modern quote.

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From the World O Meter: All numbers reflect the 7 day rolling average

Within the USA:

Cases, whatever the hell that means, are trending back up:

The late summer surge peaked at over 160,000 per day as of September 2.

As noted on this board, those numbers dropped significantly over the next two months, falling below 72,000 per day as of October 30.

Unfortunately, the "cases" have accelerated since then to over 95,000 per day as of November 24.

An increase of over 30% in less than four weeks.


Meanwhile fatalities have bottomed out and have started to inch back up, following the familiar pattern of deaths following infections by a few weeks.

The death rate for the late summer surge peaked at about 2,000 per day on September 24.

It fell below 1,000 per day as of November 17

It has climbed back up to 1,016 as of November 24.


Oh, by the way -- 7 day moving average for fatalities in the Wingnut Empire of Florida is currently 1. My adopted home state of California, the rate is 96. In New York, it is 47.

Regarding the planet:

A pronounced global surge is under way.

Cases bottomed out from the previous surge at just over 400,000 per day as of October 15.

Most recent cases total reported around the world is well over 550,000 as of November 24.

Closing in on 40% more cases per day in just six weeks.


Reported fatalities reached a low point of 6657 per day as of October 17.

Most recent number of deaths is 7182 per day as of November 24.

A modest but noticeable increase of about 8%


Just this week I saw on another message board a response to the good numbers coming out of Florida. The Wingnut Governor just made them up. End of discussion.

I, for one, would not put it past the Governor of Florida -- or any other state of the Union for that matter -- to cook the books on anything, from health information to budget numbers to crime statistics. You name it. Bullshit is the name of the game.

But any number can play the game of Bullshit, which is why it is such a boring game. It is like shooting dice on the telephone.


Regarding the possible end of the pandemic. It cannot come soon enough for me -- and for anybody else who is not making a fortune off of it. I take no joy in these numbers and I hope they are just made up crap.

For better or worse, however, The Numbers lend zero support to the hope for any end to the pandemic.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

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@fire with fire gratitude that right now their lives are almost 'normal'. They want the last eighteen months and more to be resolved and get back to life as they knew it. And they are willing to get the shots to get that feeling.

Thanks for all the stats. Those case numbers which has everybody's hair on fire, don't tell us much of anything. How many were sick; went to the hospital; died; vaccinated; unvaccinated; previous infection????

How will this end?

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A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Allegedly Greek, but more possibly fairly modern quote.

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a pandemic, especially using leaky and ineffective vaccines. Of course this will be a huge $$$plus$$$ for the Fauci/Gates crowd. I can picture them giving high fives to one another!

A 32-Mutations Coronavirus Variant Detected in South Africa

On Thursday, South African scientists confirmed the detection of B.1.1.529, a new variant of coronavirus having 32 spike protein mutations whose effects have yet to be studied.

The new strain presents a very unusual constellation of mutations but their "meaning is still uncertain," said Tulio de Oliveira, a professor at the Kwazulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platform (KRISP).

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases of South Africa reported that confirmed cases of this variant have been recorded in South Africa, Hong Kong, and Botswana so far. The B.1.1.529 strain presents 32 mutations, some of which are cause for concern due to their possible impact on transmissibility and their potential ability to evade previous immunity or protection.

"The variant surprised us. It has a huge evolutionary leap... Potentially, it could spread very quickly," Oliveira said, explaining that the new strain caused a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in Gauteng, the province where Johannesburg and Pretoria are located.

This may be considered a bonus. I understand TPTB figure there's way too many of us proles messing up their special vacation spots.

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Fauci or Gates or the vaccines. South Africa also has a very low rate of vaccination (24%).

"The new variant is likely to have evolved during a chronic infection of an immuno-compromised person, possibly in an untreated HIV/AIDS patient, Francois Balloux, director of the UCL Genetics Institute, said in a statement published by the Science Media Centre. The world’s biggest number of HIV cases has complicated South Africa’s efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic, as immuno-compromised people can harbor the virus for longer, scientists said."

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

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@Fishtroller 02
of dollars in 'new' vaccines in 6 months and start all over. And, yes they are responsible for the mutations by producing and using globally a vaccine that uses only a relatively tiny part of the virus as an antigen which could readily mutate. This was a well known side affect of vaccinating with a 'leaky' vaccine into a pandemic. They may be evil but they are not stupid men. They know quite well how corona-viruses function.

HIV compromised were the first cohort in SA to get the vaccines and are now getting booster shots. Please back up your claims so they can be checked.

But look! Fauci and Gates (who both own tons of stock in Pfizer) are already on the ball money!

Pfizer: If vaccine-escape variant emerges, expects to develop, produce new vaccine in about 100 days

According to vaccine-maker Pfizer, in case there was a "vaccine-escape" variant, the company expects to be able to develop and produce a new tailor-made vaccine against that variant within about 100 days.

Market Reaction

The comments from Pfizer have offered little solace to a still overall very risk-off market. 100 days for a vaccine is good, but then nations would have to roll the vaccine out, which as seen in 2021, takes many months.

A vaccine-resistant variant, if that is what the new South African variant turns out to be, could still deliver a significant blow to the global economic outlook over the next six months if nations significantly tighten lockdowns and travel restrictions and consumers begin to fear the virus again.

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"And, yes they are responsible for the mutations by producing and using globally a vaccine that uses only a relatively tiny part of the virus as an antigen which could readily mutate. This was a well known side affect of vaccinating with a 'leaky' vaccine into a pandemic."
You'll need to directly provide evidence that 1- the new variant was caused directly by a vaccinated individual and 2- that Fauci is guilty of a vast conspiracy against the world. Good luck.

And speaking of "leaky", it appears the patina is wearing off of Ivermectin...

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

Self censoring of research, just one of the ways the true risk of vaccine adverse events is being suppressed. How do these researchers sleep at night, and just who is threatening the loss of their research money? RFK Jr. seems to have a pretty good bead on the way both uncomfortable truths and the body’s of victims are buried.

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"I fear that monstrous russian dictatorship going to attack the free world with bioweapons it seized in unexisting Pentagon funded humanitarian Ukrainian biolabs."
Greg Galloway 3/14/22

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It's easy - for psychopaths.

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In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is declared insane when he speaks of colors.

To paraphrase Jodie Foster: Human is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.

is certainly helpful! @The Liberal Moonbat

Thanks ‘bat!

It should probably be posted again
for a wider audience.
Bookmarked And pdf’d in case it disappears.


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Ya got to be a Spirit, cain't be no Ghost. . .

Explain Bldg #7. . .

If you’ve ever wondered whether you would have complied in 1930’s Germany,
Now you know. . .
Sign at protest march

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@The Liberal Moonbat the dose.

Great common sense piece.


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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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@Lookout Thanks LO for the follow-up.

Looking forward to it.

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A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Allegedly Greek, but more possibly fairly modern quote.

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