Watch the NYT Serve as Accomplices-After-the-Fact to Mass Murder: How Bashar al-Assad Gassed His Own People | NYT - Visual Investigations

For your viewing pleasure:

Hopefully, you've already seen this explanation of what really happened:

Even if we grant that the engineers contributing to this (evidently flawed) NYT visual investigation were well-intentioned, it should have been evident within just several days of the event, to all who examined and rationally analyzed the TOTALITY of evidence, that the entire Douma "gassing" incident was staged, and that the yellow cylinders had nothing whatever to do with the bodies in "the basement of death". Here's the essay I posted at the time:

The key take-away from the revelation that the OPCW covered up their own evidence proving the entire Douma incident to have been staged by the jihadis and their White Helmet accomplices, is that the OPCW is deeply corrupt, serving as a propaganda organ for the Western powers - and that their entire body of previous work, employing "evidence" provided almost solely by affiliates of the jihadis, cannot be trusted. The OPCW reports have formed the primary basis for Western claims that Assad has been "gassing his own people". A great deal of evidence in fact contradicts these claims.

Finally, note the role that Bellingcat played in this "visual investigation". Whenever the Western powers have a malicious false narrative they need to sell to their publics, the Bellingcat crew is johnny-on-the-spot. They are also responsible for concocting dubious, often outlandish analyses incriminating Assad's forces in sarin gassings, the Russian government in the Skripal attacks, and Russia or Russian rebels in the shoot-down of MH17. To know the truth of a matter, simply find out what Bellingcat asserts, and believe the exact opposite.

And, by the way, the Bellingdog twitter account, an often hilarious parody of Bellingcat, has been suspended by Twitter. We should be so grateful that Twitter is protecting us from BAD IDEAS.

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I am convinced that if President Bolton attacks Iran, it will also include the Assad regime. If we start seeing more "chemical attacks", then a given that the Syrian government will be attacked.

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