Hate camps out at a middle school

It embarrasses me that this happened near my home town. I grew up just south of Portland, OR. Vancouver, WA is just across the Columbia River to the north of Portland.

The administration touts "local control." Sometimes, however, that just means, "Beat the transgender kids into the ground."

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by fear hurts the most vulnerable and allowing that is despicable.

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Human children have always been vicious, spiteful little things. I grew up in a small town and myself and my brother were beat up regularly for being smart (different). It'd be nice to tamp that down somewhat but I certainly don't want to do that with legislation. In addition, I think there's something to be said for the right's claim that "everyone is too damned sensitive".

However, when this got into physical assault and then the lack of interest from the authorities, that's no longer over-sensitive social justice warriors. That needs to be stopped. I know because "the authorities" didn't stop it in my case. So at one point I stopped it by beating one of my bullies horrifically. At a much later time my father stopped it be being huge, angry, and adult and scaring the crap out of the little thugs. Neither of those two "solutions" were what I'd call optimal.

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A lot of wanderers in the U.S. political desert recognize that all the duopoly has to offer is a choice of mirages. Come, let us trudge towards empty expanse of sand #1, littered with the bleached bones of Deaniacs and Hope and Changers.
-- lotlizard

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          This is our one significant evolutionary advantage. It is also why children tend toward psychopathy (characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits).

          There is a reason children are not supposed to be subjected to the same criminal code, they do not have fully functional brains. Unfortunately, too many adults that exhibit these same traits are not being treated. We have no standards for behavior nor the commitment to providing mental health services to correct these problems.

          Children do not need to be beaten to be disciplined, even though the threat of a drubbing can do wonders when bad behavior is imminent. Once while in High School I was surrounded by a group of thugs. As the "conversation" was about to become physically demonstrative in the most negative of ways, the star football center appeared from around the corner of the building. He proceeded to explain that they should consider their actions carefully as his response would be swift and very painful. They chose to leave me alone for the duration.

          The perception (for that was the totality of the threat) that he would have fought them was all that it took for them to adjust their behavior. The real point is that good role models are needed in a time when few good role models exist. The fact that, supposedly fully functioning, adults are bullying suggests the complete breakdown in civility is in progress. Simply put, I have no desire to live in such a society, and will examine my options for not being a part of same.

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"I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
Robert J. McCloskey, U.S. State Department spokesman. From a press briefing during the Vietnam war.