Calling Dr. Zuckerberg, Dr. Zuckerberg! OR FaceBook health data mining

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. At least so its says in some document under glass in the Smithsonian. First item on the list = life. A good life is synonymous with good health. This essay is not about Medicare for All/Single Payer (MFA/SP) but deals with today's nightmare, surveillance state scenarios.

First we have the mollifying "explanations" for certain actions, and then analysis of what all this really means.

Sending Facebook the wrong message--it's not just Zuckerberg who needs to go

I received this petition request in my mailbox (on my secret server) from SumOfUs.org lamenting the enormous data breach earlier this year from Facebook's vaults (and indeed they are vaults, so transformed by Zuck. with all that salable information). This is not the biggest breach, consider the Equifax hack; but it's certainly near the top of the list. Bank of America was hacked. What large corp. hasn't been hacked.

Democrats want Zuckerberg to increase censorship

Being acutely aware of their dim chances to retake either houses of Congress, the Dems have begun their fight for even more censorship on FaceBook. Zuck's "algorithms" (i.e., censorship tools) apparently weren't strong enough to stop those 13 Russian operatives, working feverishly in St. Petersburg, disseminating ads for puppies and other sinister things AFTER the election. Nope. Not good enough.

Dems want Zuck on the House floor to explain...you know, explain, explain what?