Birds in the viewfinder

Greetings Earthlings; I come in peace.
I've been meaning to post a promised photo essay for quite awhile but master procrastinator that I am here it is April already and I haven't posted so much as a thumbnail for several months. But thanks in part to Boriscleto's beautiful bird pic essay I was inspired to finally put something together tonight. I introduced myself here with a similar photo essay a few months back but for the new members here who don't know me, I'm here because I followed some of my favorite people over here from DK last year. Those of you that followed Backyard Science may remember that a few years ago I posted nature related diaries pretty regularly. Although I continued to read BYS and the Daily Buckets I pretty much stopped writing a couple of years ago. I haven't written much here either, leaving that to the better informed and sharper minds of the more talented writers here. I'm an ace reader though!

Greetings earthlings; I come in peace.

A couple folks noticed the camera in my avatar and made the mistake of asking me if I'd mind sharing a few of my photos. They only had to twist my arm a little bit. I'm new to the site and probably not known by many here so thought that a photo essay might it be a pretty good way of introducing myself to those who don't know me.