The War On Teachers has hit a tipping point

Last week the teachers of West Virginia went out on strike due to low pay and weak health benefits. On Thursday things got interesting.

Tuesday night, state union leaders and the Governor Jim Justice reached a deal, and the teachers were expected to be back at work on Thursday.

They didn’t go.

I got locked up in a train car four times today...

...after I finished helping build it.

To add insult to injury, Azazello shoved me toward the car repeatedly, with the butt of his rifle, and loaded me into the car.


“Are You an American, or Are You Not?”

American workers can do everything right and still lose.

This diary is simply a pointer to the best article I’ve read on the plight of organized labor in the US. I would urge you to read it in full if you have an interest in labor, unions, or the working class as a whole. It presents a good explanation for why the organized labor has been eviscerated in this country and an excellent explanation for why organized labor is essential to maintain a strong, secure working class.

Sanders: DNC Stacked Platform Committee with Lobbyists While Rejecting Labor Leaders

US Uncut, is reporting that Bernie today stated that the DNC had rejected his proposed platform committee appointment of Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United.

DeMoro's response was: