A very good read, well worthwhile

Not perfectly straightforward and also a bit of a slog in parts, but one doesn't have to understand all of the references on any deep level in order to get the overall point at the end.


The title and subhead alone make a good teaser

The Weekly Watch

The Longest Night

(in the N. Hemisphere)

We are tied to the natural world in ways which we are unaware. Time is an odd concept constantly in flux....sunrise to sunset. As it passes the wheel of the year rolls ever faster...wearing ever smaller and gathering speed as it goes downhill. Perhaps it is our pagan past, but somehow this seems a time of year for reflection...like the god Janus looking forward and backward in time. For now the darkness passes and the light will grow. It is a time to celebrate across religions, cultures, and countries.

4 Solstice at brodgar.jpg