Term Limits and mandatory retirement ages for all 3 branches?

"None of the above" voting option NEEDED

What would it take to get a law passed that there ALWAYS be a "none of the above" selection in elections that is always tabulated, and if it wins they have to wait a month and have another election with new candidates.

Other countries can trigger recall elections and throw out the incumbents but we can't, why not?

Its abusive to have parties that claim they have a right to rig elections.

Should there be a limit on how many times a candidate can run under pluralism? (the two party system)

Should there be limits on running the same candidates over and over?

Come to think of it, should there be term limits on Senators and Congresspeople, say two or three terms?

What about mandatory retirement ages? Peoples brains shrink as they age and this leads to mental changes.