Trump, who was described here as a patriot, needs to be

resisted to, for patriotic reasons. I have not much power of thought or words, but feel I still can recognize those, who have.

Chris Hedges tells us again the way "patriotic" despotism advances to sink the ship of democracy, like the Titanic, slowly but surely.

How inconsiderate of Berta Cáceres to get herself assassinated while Hillary Clinton is running for President.

The Hillary trolls are at it again.

While the murder of Berta Cáceres is very tragic, according to the Hillary supporters, the real indecency is not that the U. S. government supports the government behind the death squads, no. The real indecency is that yours truly has dared to publish and link to the reporting of Democracy Now and that report included the words "U.S.-supported coup!" Hillary Clinton's name was not even mentioned.

From a Hillary supporter:

Again, using a diary giving information that everyone on this site will care about to trash Hillary Clinton is just not right. It is wrong. It is not decent.

And more outrage from Hillary supporter:

Nothing except talking about this person who is at great risk should be acceptable in this diary. I don’t know why you cannot understand this. Respect Gustavo Soto and talk about him. There are scores of diaries where you can diss Hillary Clinton. Many. This diary is not about this. This is not political. It is about humanity and a man who is in deep trouble.