Regulatory Capture

Can Workers be fired for fleeing a tornado in America? Democrats, whats wrong with you?

Being fired in this case for taking actions to preserve ones LIFE also means not being eligible for unemployment insurance. Where is an opposition party, is there any?

IS anybody reading this, please acknowledge if you do, thanks!

What is the deal with Amazon?

Fed Releases Financial Stability Report, Message, Banks are excessively leveraged and frankly, thats very dangerous.

Financial Stability Report

November 2021

We're being held hostage by these banks and risks they are taking. We cant let them get away with this. their activities attempt to steamroll us, and bypasses the democratic process.

Anything that claims or appears to be too big to fail should fail , its so broken it should be dismantled.

Scuttlebutt: On Global Food Crisis

Wondering what any of you all know about the looming global food crisis...

Personal Observations

I traveled coast to coast this summer and fall all the way through the grain belt. The crop devastation in June and July was completely unbelievable. In August and September, the fallow fields caught my eye.