Sessions vs. Trump--the fight has already been fixed

Growl, rage, roar, bellow, scream, sputter and almost swear: if words were anything of use, other than to deceive in politics, J. Beauregard would already be out the door. He's not out the door yet. Why? Good question. Here's another: why isn't Rosy Rosenstein gone? Huh? What about this Ohr guy? All this could happen with but a stroke of the pen wielded by 4-10-20. Does El Trumpo now have writer's block? Nah, I don't think so.


If you think nothing is missing, please go back and repeat first grade. That was kinda mean of me because I only learned to read after I crawled out of the swamp. But, really, think real, real hard--what is missing?

I shall give you a BIG hint.

Yes, I believe you've got it (ain't I subtle)