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Worth a read: the Dems (and Ocasio!) just more of the same

While this Counterpunch article, The Wisdom of Serpents, starts out asking questions about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (AOC) biography, it winds up going through a lengthy laundry list of rotten things the Democratic Party has done since Obama was elected.

How the Professional Class Kills Desire for Decent Employment

I recently started re-reading an old 18th century Chinese satirical novel called 'The Scholars', and I can't help but draw parallels not only between the blatantly corrupt literati of the Qing (or Ch'ing, depending on who you ask) Dynasty and the American Professional Class today, but the insane standards of both that made people waste their entire lives just to live up to them only to die trying or come up short.

The Ableism and Idiocy of the Professional Class

DK's "professional class"
@The Aspie Corner

Perhaps I should have stopped sooner when the professional class there decided to give me shit because I couldn't obtain a drivers' license.

You are, of course, correct here.

The "make the able more able and fuck everybody else" anti-ethic puts DK in some nasty company: early 20th Century Fascism, the KKK, etc.