“Where No Man Has Gone Before”

As economic inequality has continued to dominate our society, I am constantly reminded of the original Star Trek series, and more specifically a particular episode. This essay has really nothing to do with the future of space travel or exploration (a word the precedes exploitation). Instead I use that series to address what is going on Earth in the present as the original series did.

May the Best Man Win

We base our entire politics on the idea that we're living in a meritocracy. In other words, like the knights of old at a joust, we find out who is best through competition, a competition assumed to be both fair and honest. In the old days, the joust was assumed to be fair and honest because God was both omnipotent and just and therefore, obviously, would not allow a bad man to win.

The Power of Power

This essay is not about political power, although inevitably it dovetails into such. This is about another meaning of power.

From Webster's New 20th Century Dictionary Unabridged, Second Edition:

power, n. [old French pooir, from an old infinitive podia, from LL. n potter, to be able, used for posse, to able, from potis, able and esse, to be]
...5. physical force or energy; as in electric power.

Just a few of the many facets to the recent Standing Rock delay

I have written much about the drastic changes we need to make if we are to survive our self- made crisis. There is no need to point these things out to the water protectors at Standing Rock. I only wonder if the rest of us really understand this.
Today there was a pause in construction announced. This is a victory for all people on the planet. It has significance in many ways. Surely the protection of the water is the obvious one.

The election is irrelevant. Better to put our time to…

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the winds will blow after November: Wall Street, the War Machine, The Corporate Borg will still run the joint, only moreso.

Though dead as a dinosaur, the current system still has its legs kicking, and will for the foreseeable future. The power class not only fails to understand that their Wars and Money Love have led to not only massive failures, but that their visions and plans are literally insane.