The Assassination Of Podemos

They are calling it Spain's Watergate, but that is a poor comparison because Watergate was about the corruption of an individual political administration. What is happening in Spain is a bipartisan takedown of an insurgent left-wing party, working in coordination with the police, business leaders, and the mainstream media.

Bernie’s 5 Steps to an Ultimate Progressive Victory

Like many of us here at Caucus99percent I am tired of being trampled on, scorned, belittled, and ultimately ignored by the so-called financial and political elites. The doom and gloom on the site is palpable. The negativity has now seemed to reach it’s peak with the big middle finger Hillary has given the progressive wing of the party in her atrocious VP pick, and we have only begun to see the results of the DNC boondoggle.

Hillary Clinton Will Never Be A “True Liberal”

It was all a lie – one of the biggest and most elaborate falsehoods ever sold to the American people. .

We thought we were just letting a friend crash at the house for a few days; we ended up with a family of hillbillies who moved in forever, sleeping nine to a bed and building a meth lab on the front lawn - Matt Taibi