Epstein turned informant for Mueller's FBI in 2008. Likely earlier.

That was while Robert Mueller ran the Bureau, which means everything about Epstein's blackmail and kompromat operation has been tucked safely away out of sight in FBI files for at least a decade. Much longer, new evidence shows.

Bob in Portland nails Mueller at Consortium News

In the comments to a good article by Daniel Lazare, asking why Mueller didn't investigate the Seth Rich murder, the writers provide a fascinating discussion about Rich, and Bob in Portland does his best work. This series of comments is one of the best things I've read at Consortium News.

If You Have Been Playing "THE RUSSIA HOAX" at Home, along with Our Studio Audience, You'll Want to Grab this Clue!

Over the past few months, the table has slowly turned. Now the clues are taking us back to the corrupt nest where this plot to destroy the 2016 election and sabotage American democracy began. Who will be the Insider who turns on all the rest of the vipers in the Greatest Crime Against American People in US History?

Just how dirty was that Dossier?

At least Qanon is good for identifying the Russiagate cast and crew

I read all the comments in the thread about who saw Seth Rich in the emergency room, just to make sure this OP wasn't going to be a dupe. In the ER thread, people were worried that the facts just revealed were going to get disappeared again.

I'm here to say that, as long as Qanon is on the job, short of the NSA shutting down the internet, that is unlikely to happen.

Showdown at the Mueller corral: Rod Rosentstein beats Mueller to the draw.

What is this? This turnabout? What the heck (or insert other deprecatory nouns here)? Is this the "Et tu, Rod?" moment. We have on one hand (or paw) Robert Swan Müller assembling a team of of rabid anti-Trumpers, scattered in with a few more moderate anti-Trumpers, going about the Inquisition of Cozy Bear with the dedication of Robespierre, the cleverness of Göbbels, and the money of [insert your favorite funder here--oh, it's us!]

Challenge to Mueller's probe: former Trump aide refuses to obey subpoena

Although many Congressional Republicans have talked about ending the Mueller probe (a dicey prospect at this time for purely political reasons having nothing to do with an actual Trump crime), finally someone is refusing to obey a Mueller subpoena.

I am indicted. Prosecution to follow.

Well, Mueller has found more stuff Who colluded with whom? None of this crap has anything to do with the "CHARTER". Deep State, in charge.

Indict someone

Indictment says, aside from these bad Russians there is no collusion with US personnel.

They said bad things on the inter webs and social media about the Creature to elect Trump?