Montana Court forces revision of anti-transgender ballot statement

The Montana Supreme Court has ordered the Office of Attorney General Tim Fox (R) to rewrite language for the ballot statement and fiscal note associated with an anti-transgender ballot initiative that voters will decide on during the 2018 election.

Montana bill would ask for referendum on whether transgender people exist

Rep. Carl Glimm (R-Kila) has introduced a bill written by the Montana Family Association which defines sex as "a person's immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics existing at the time of birth." As such it would restrict transgender people to public restrooms and locker rooms designated for the sex assigned to them at birth.

Hellraisers Journal: Twenty-One Men Caught in Burning Mine in Butte, Montana. "No Hope Entertained."

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.
-Mother Jones

Wednesday February 16, 1916
Butte, Montana - Hope Faded for Twelve Missing Men in Pennsylvania Mine Fire

butte copper mine, drawing, isr, aug 1914 (2).jpg

Hope is faded, and, by some accounts, lost for the miners who remain missing in the Pennsylvania Mine. This latest disaster follows, by only four months, the disaster in the Granite Mountain shaft of the Speculator Mine. On October 16th of last year, a mine car filled with 500 pounds of dynamite ignited in a massive explosion which instantly blew seventeen miners into eternity.

From The Omaha Daily Bee:


Nine Bodies Recovered from Blazing Copper Workings
at Butte by Rescue Crew.

Hellraisers Journal: "Penned In By Fire!" Mine Disaster at Butte, Montana-10 Dead, 12 Missing

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.
-Mother Jones

Tuesday February 15, 1916
Butte, Montana - Miners Trapped by Fire, Rescue Attempts Ongoing

Newspapers across the nation this morning are reporting on the fire which erupted last night in the Pennsylvania Mine at Butte, Montana. We offer a few examples:

From Salina, Kansas:


Flames In Airshaft of Anaconda Mine
Imprisoned Miners At Butte.
Other Workmen Have Not Been Heard From
Since the Disaster.

Butte, Mont., Feb. 15.-At least ten miners lost their lives in a fire which started last night in the air shaft on the 12,000 [1200] foot level of a mine of the Anaconda copper Mining Company and which still was burning early today....

Butte, Montana, Pennsylvania Mine, ab 1900, Disaster of Feb 14, 1916.png
Pennsylvania Mine, about 1900

Hellraisers Journal: A Logger Tells the Story of the So-Called Life of the Migratory Timber Worker

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Friday December 31, 1915
From the Archives of the Industrial Worker: The "Life" of the Migratory Timber Worker

As the Industrial Workers of the World begins a campaign to organize the timber workers of Northern Minnesota, Hellraisers offers this account of the life of a migratory timber worker from an anonymous logger, originally published in the Industrial Worker of July 2, 1910. The conditions under which the "timber beasts" live and work have not improved much, if at all.


Industrial Worker, Blanket Stiff, April 23, 1910.png

The question has often been asked: "What constitutes living?" If it is the mere fact that we have life in our bodies and are plodding along in search of a job with our blankets on our back, then we are all living.

If "living" means to have all the good things of life, all the comforts of a home, and a life guarantee that such comforts shall continue as long as we are willing to do our share of the work, then we are not living, but simply saving funeral expenses.

It is estimated that there are 50,000 loggers along the Pacific coast, and it is a conservative statement to make that not one percent of them can say that their home consists of anything better than a dirty bunk furnished by the boss and a roll of blankets that they are compelled to tote about from pillar to post, many times only to make room for another toiler who has left $2 for the job in the tender care of the fat Employment Hog, who will divvy up with the foreman or superintendent. This is incentive enough to soon discharge him, so that a new recruit can be divorced from his $2, and so this endless chain of men tramping to and from the employment shark and the job.