unimportant personal - things I can't wrap my mind around -

I went back to the Dailykos site today, into which I can't log into anymore, to search for something. Basically I wanted to let Sarah R and her sister Winglion know that I like to contact them to thank them for the quilts they once made for me and tell them that their quilt overs my bed til today.

“What is the meaning of life”,

seems to me as it’s always been, a fundamental question that involves constant consideration in our daily mundane lives, as well as our more ethereal ones. I’m thinking at the moment that the answers may be more simple than they were before, and may be unnecessary to define, because life gets in the way.



Important & Interesting Perspective from Caitlin

I just listened to an e-mail from Caitlin Johnstone that contained some insights which, upon reflection and consideration, most of the populace seems to either have lost track or or to have been unaware of. It's allegedly about "now" or "today", but really applies to most of the recent past and probably all of the future. As a result, given that her work is public domain, I decided to post the whole thing here.

Ugly America

How did we become ugly America? Not all Americans, or even a majority but enough that our society and the world has no escape from their megaphone. Alpha males unbound by civility, facts or rules.

Is it curable, containable, reversible? Can we agree on what is ugly - I'd nominate the "me-centric"; those with an expectation of being owed, I believe I deserve and 'other's don't (some just by birthright and feel they've been wronged.) Ugly souls, at the alter of Me.