Homesteading in France

Open Thread - Homesteading in France

Night Skies

When we first arrived in the rural center of France, we were so surprised to see the intense night skies. The stars are brilliant, and the constellations are easy to pick out.

There are some reasons for this. One is that not just in France but rural areas of Europe have been emptying of people, so even less density of population and night lighting.

Open Thread - Homesteading in France

Fall in Rural France: The Hunt

In rural Pacific Northwest, we knew a lot of hunters. Some went to Central Oregon. Others went to the coast. Most ate the animals, usually Deer or Elk, they shot.

In rural France hunting is around us many times of the year. The historical tie to proud shared ownership of forests, woodlands and pastures is the freeing of hunting lands for use not by the titled but use by everyone. The hunting traditions live to this day.