Congratulations On Becoming a Gun Owner

I know that background checks on gun sales are backed up 4 days where they usually take a half hour at most, and it's reported that most purchases of firearms are people who've not owned a gun before, so I figured I'd put this out there, make of it what you will. Lot of first time gun owners, might be you.

For Discussion Purposes: Video Games, Movies, Guns.

The other day I posted this on Facebook. I'm curious to see what C99ers have to say about it since you/we are a different sort of crowd.

maybe it *is* the "video games". Along with other sick weirdnesses of our national culture. Yes, there's the availability of guns, obviously. But I was at the Hawthorne Hideaway last night to see the Zags.

Occupied Milwaukee -- "War Zone"

Occupied Milwaukee is looking like a "war zone". People shooting people, cops shooting Black males running away from traffic stops.

All the marionettes of the corporate state can think of is "Less Guns." MSM ignoring protests unless cop cars and liquor stores are burned by Black or Brown folks. Its the same sort of dog-whistling bull shit that brought to us by those same Clinton manikans who invented "super-predators".

Not Again----50 dead at Orlando LGBT Club in mass shooting

At around 2 am Florida time on June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen walked up to a Florida gay club with an AR-15 and started shooting. The security officer engaged him, but was unable to stop him. The gunman went in, killed 50 people, wounded many more. Eventually, a SWAT team went in and killed the shooter.