FBI informant

Epstein turned informant for Mueller's FBI in 2008. Likely earlier.

That was while Robert Mueller ran the Bureau, which means everything about Epstein's blackmail and kompromat operation has been tucked safely away out of sight in FBI files for at least a decade. Much longer, new evidence shows.

The Democratic Memo confirms Carter Page was an FBI informant when he joined the Trump campaign

The Democratic minority memo contains one astonishing acknowledgment that can be called news. It confirms the following:

[T]he FBI interviewed Page in March 2016 about his contact with Russian intelligence, the very month candidate Donald Trump named him a foreign policy advisor.

WSJ confirms Carter Page was cooperating with FBI before he entered campaign

Overlooked in the furor of publication of the Nunes Memo, The Wall Street Journal published an article Friday that confirms major points made about Page in earlier research first posted by this author. See, https://www.wsj.com/articles/former-trump-aide-carter-page-was-on-u-s-co...