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A Response - This Election is Irrelevant - by the RantingRooster

Revolutions through out history, while not all the same in nature or cause, do have a common thread that runs through every revolution, the disenchantment of the masses. This isn't to say that just because we don't agree with the prevailing Zeitgeist, we should over turn the apple cart so to speak. I firmly believe that we have to expose the prevailing Zeitgeist for the fraud that it truly is, through a sustained information campaign, ie a propaganda war if you will.

The Most Corrupt Administration in Modern American History

Kickback: The payment of something of value to a recipient as compensation or reward for providing favorable treatment to another party.

A kickback in the form of money, gifts, credit, or anything of value may be viewed as a corrupt practice that interferes with an employee or official’s ability to make unbiased decisions. - Investopedia