Democrats are idiots

Project 2025 by the rhetorical appeals

This is the new version of "Look! Shiny object!" It's now all over Facebook. Here I'm going to try to connect the dots. Anyway, Project 2025. We are supposed to be deeply concerned, once again, about America becoming a theocracy, decades after Reagan put them into power and decades after the publication of Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale.

North Korea and Venezuela: Wingnut Libertarians and Other Right-wing Nutbags Have No Leg to Stand On

While reading about Kos' latest tweet whining and bitching about the Russians, there was a link to an article on Mint Press News about the ban hammer Kos leveled on those of us who refused to fall in line by March of last year.

It was also at Mint Press News that I came across this article.