The Primary and Secondary Contradictions of the American Empire

To understand what I mean by contradictions, let me offer some recommended reading:

Mao's Essay On Contradiction

What exactly are the contradictions in our rotting empire? To begin with, our economy can't survive without the very things we claim to abhor such as imperialism, various means of exploitation, exceptions that maintain the rule, and that's just three.

AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, Part One: Inherent Contradictions


The rhetoric of the Trump versus anti-Trump discourse is inescapable, however much we may want to steer clear of bombastic certitudes. Without trivializing the current political battle, I find a degree of solace in visualizing episodes of Spy vs. Spy comic strips as I move around in my home town. At least for the time being. For example, the sudden discovery of “an independent judiciary” is a lesson in hypocrisy for me. I mean, at the State level, judges are elected by both partisan and non-partisan elections, selected by state legislatures, and appointed by Governors. Federal judges across the board and at all levels are appointed by the President, and confirmed by the Senate.