Hillary Planning to Run Again in 2020!


The Clintons just never go away.

Already embarked on a new public-paid "speaking tour" across the Country (for no justified reason), according to insider sources Crooked Hillary has bigger plans and wants to rig even more what she couldn't completely rig back in 2016, and once again force herself on a weary America public in 2020.

The real Democratic Party (with a nod to gjohnsit)

The Democratic Party symbol or logo should be the Montgolfier Balloon. It is an archaic contrivance dependent upon hot air to rise. What we think it is and what we think we know of it is largely myth, and the insiders, elites, and powers that be not only promulgate some myths themselves, but possibly even believe some of them.

Let's start -- the "party of the people", the liberal, or progressive party. Heh. Snapshots follow, form your own thesis.

Krauthammer, the Clintons and Syria

My local paper ran an opinion piece by Charles Krauthammer on Sunday. It was called My vote, explained and you can read it here if you're interested. -> Washington Post If you've ever read his stuff you know that Krauthammer is a Neocon for sure and as crazy as any of them. There's never been a war of choice he couldn't get behind and, although he says he won't vote for Hillary I'm sure he'd support her vision of an exceptional America raining death and destruction across the Middle East and elsewhere. Mr. Krauthammer is also, apparently, an imbecile.

Bloomberg to Tipper kiss Clintons at Convention

To all you leftist cynics, those who don't for instance think the Democratic Party is capable of not rewarding Bloomberg in an elegant fashion for threatening to run as an independent if Sanders got the nomination to scare gullible primary voters, well, you are getting more evidence ...

Prelude. Short Video, the Revolution in Bolivia 2003.

This is what a Non-Violent Revolution Looks Like. Non-Violent on our part anyway, not the neoliberal state's. I would like everyone to note the bravery of Bolivianos in the face of fire and what can be accomplished through unity of the pueblo (the people).