Who will Obama choose to run the caliphate in Syria and Iraq, ISIS or al-Qaeda?

There has been a lot of talk amongst the chattering classes lately about Obama looking the other way as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have been supporting the local al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria against the Assad government. For a long period of time American arms "accidentally" flowed freely into the hands of the radical Islamist jihadis of al-Qaeda and ISIS. Then the "journalism" outlets started to get on board with the program.

It comes out now that Obama has specifically encouraged his "vetted moderates" to cooperate more closely with the Islamists:

Al-Qaeda now stronger than ever thanks to our allies

Remember al-Qaeda? With all the hype about ISIS it's easy to forget that it was al-Qaeda that attacked us, while Daesh never did.
If you've forgotten that, you wouldn't be alone. It seems that Washington has forgotten it as well, because over the last six months we've been at war with the enemies of al-Qaeda.