Why Did Donna Lie (Again)?

Originally published Aug 21, 2018

As you may have learned, Matt Couch and colleagues at American First Media Group have stated they have an informant from the hospital where Seth Rich was taken after being shot (MedStar Hospital) willing to testify to a grand jury or Congress (since apparently the DC police have shown no interest in listening) that both Donna Brazile and DC mayor Muriel Bowser arrived at the hospital at just about the same time as the ambulance carrying Seth, at around 5 in the morning, July 10th 2016.



Couch showed good faith by giving Brazile and Bowser a week to offer an innocent explanation of this before publishing the story. Instead, they remained mum and, since the story was released on Sunday night, they have both flatly denied it. Brazile had her lawyers draft a letter to Couch yesterday threatening a lawsuit against Couch’s group unless the story was retracted immediately. Couch has defiantly indicated that he stands behind the story, and it is clear he thinks he has the evidence to back it up.


Two DC cops interviewed yesterday have indicated that the cell phone records of Brazile and Bowser (which presumably should have geolocation data), as well as hospital surveillance cameras, could be used to determine objectively whether or not Couch’s claims are accurate.


(This True Pundit article is misleadingly written — ignore the hyperbolic headline — but it likely does accurately convey the insights of the policemen interviewed.)

Not content with merely denying Couch’s report, Brazile contacted the Daily Dot to inform them that she couldn’t have been at the hospital that morning because she was on the West Coast at the time of Seth’s shooting.

In an email to the Daily Dot on Monday Brazile said she in Washington state with CNN commentator Ana Navarro on the day of Rich’s murder, and called Couch’s claims an attempt to profit off the staffer’s murder.

“This is painful not just to the memory of a great young public servant, but Seth’s parents and his colleagues and friends… There is simply no truth to the claims in the article,” she wrote, adding in another email: “The claim is false, misleading and worse — profiting [off] an innocent death.”


Couch immediately shot back by presenting tweets from Brazile indicating that she had been in the Washington area the evening of July 9th and at 4:04 PM July 10th, 2016. Her next tweet was from the Seattle airport, at around midnight Eastern time. Clearly, Donna had been in DC on the morning that Seth was shot, and hadn’t boarded a flight until the early evening.


Could this just be an honest failure of recollection?

I would argue that Donna had to know that she was in DC when she learned that Seth had died. He was pronounced dead before 6 AM; are we supposed to believe that, whether or not she was at the hospital, she went the whole day, before boarding a plane for Seattle in the early evening, without learning of her close associate Seth’s death? Seth, whom she has called “her son”? And wouldn’t she remember where she was when she heard the news? I have a lousy memory of my past, but I can sure tell you where I was when JFK was shot.

So it seems highly likely that Donna was lying — as opposed to merely being honestly confused — when she claimed to be on the West Coast at the time. (Of course, for Donna, lying is no anomaly — she famously lied when she denied passing CNN debate questions to Hillary’s team, and then lied that the DNC emails released by Wikileaks had been fraudulently altered.)

If Donna had not been at the hospital that morning, or if she had been there for a perfectly innocent reason, why wouldn’t she simply tell the truth?

I suspect that Couch has nailed her. In light of the fact that there are readily available objective ways to refute his claim, if it were wrong, Couch would have to be incredibly reckless and stupid to make his charge if it were false. And Donna’s deceitful conduct shows that she has something to hide. (Plus her contention that Couch is doing this sleuthing “for profit” is truly crass. Couch’s effort is crowd-funding — he almost obsequiously personally thanks via Twitter anyone who sends his group ten bucks. No one should deny that, whatever one may think of his investigational skills, he is motivated by a sincere interest to find Seth’s killers. People who are looking for the big bucks can earn them by slandering people like Couch for the corporate media.)

And this puts my stomach in knots. I would have never thought that Donna was somehow mixed up with the gang that took out Seth. (Though this puts an interesting slant on her fawning concern for Seth in her book.)

As to Bowser — that’s the really interesting part. It would have made sense for Donna to be there for “her son” Seth, assuming she got immediate word of his shooting — but the mayor, at 5 in the morning? Summoned by her dear friend Donna for “moral support”, maybe? Well, if that were the explanation, they would have both immediately acknowledged it. (Of course, it’s possible that Couch is wrong about Bowser’s presence, but if he is right about Donna, he probably also has the goods on Bowser.)

Some internet sleuths are speculating that Bowser was there to help insure that Seth died. This is horrendous to even consider — I surely hope it is false — but at this point, who knows?

Put this in the context of what else we know. Why did the DC police immediately contact Donna when they learned that Rod Wheeler was seeking info from DC policemen about Seth’s murder, and why did Donna then call Seth’s parents and ask why Wheeler was “snooping around”? Why has the hospital stonewalled reporters when they sought the autopsy, ballistics, and toxicology reports on Seth’s murder? Why did it take a long time to even verify what hospital Seth was taken to? Why did a DC cop tell Rod Wheeler that the DC police had been told to “stand down” on the Seth Rich investigation? Why has the body camera footage of the first-responding policemen who came to Seth’s aid disappeared — despite regulations requiring that such footage be preserved for decades? Why did the DNC, which couldn’t be bothered to put up a reward for leads on Seth’s killer, undertake the expense of sending a “crisis counselor”, Brad Bauman, to serve as the Rich family spokesman? Is it pure coincidence that Crowdstrike received large payments of 6 figures or so from the DNC the day after Seth’s murder and also the day after the mysterious death of Shawn Lucas — the friend of Seth’s who had been the process server on the lawsuit against the DNC? (The FBI informant whom Sy Hersh claims to have spoken with indicated that Seth had confederates who also had access to the dropbox containing the DNC emails which Seth sold to Wikileaks— just in case something happened to him; could one of these confederates have been Shawn, and did Seth’s killers learn of this?)




And why have virtually the entire mainstream media risen up in righteous wrath against any independent journalists or commentators who dared to entertain the possibility that Seth’s murder was tied to his involvement with the DNC — and his putative leaking of the DNC emails published by Wikileaks? This despite the fact that there are a number of reasons to suspect that Wikileaks gained access to their DNC emails from a leaker, not a hacker, and that Seth Rich may well have been the leaker.


But perhaps Couch has totally screwed up, Donna is simply intellectually incoherent, and Donna and Bowser are as pure as the driven snow on this issue. If that’s the case, then let’s see them quickly release their cell phone records, and lean on MedStar Hospital to make available their video footage from the morning of July 10th, so that they can rapidly establish that they weren’t at the hospital that morning, putting the lie to a slanderous “conspiracy theory”.

I can’t say I’ll be holding my breath. I think it’s more likely that we’ll be waiting for months or years as the powers-that-be resist every effort by Couch’s group to make those records public.

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I'd heard about Donna showing up at the hospital, but not the mayor. What are his connections to the DNC other than the obvious?

Also, I did not know about the big money CrowdStrike received immediately after.

Maybe that's why Donna and her buddy the mayor showed up -- to be witnesses prior to the hit payment being made. Like when a hit man sends a pic of a dead target, ensuring that the deed has been done, so he can collect payment.

Edit add: No pic could be taken on the street because he was alive a long time after the shooting. He was murdered at the hospital.

What a horrible group of soulless . . .

Blech! #RememberSeth

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