Where, oh where have they gone

So 559 pages and 251 accounts have been thrown off the Facebook platform, one of which was not the Proud Boys by the way. Collaborating with China to provide censorship on the platform should have been a big hint this was coming. Fine, let FB become the home of the right-wing.

The damage has been done and there won't be any trusting of FB from here on out (at least not for some centrists, left-leaning and those of the real left). Where do we go?

I have a minimal presence on FB, just enough to post some of my graphics to share and a few pieces that I want to save that I have gathered from around the web. I have no friends; I do not communicate with family; I do not follow anyone; I do not spend time searching for news or such there.

What this boils down to is my current search for another platform where I can share my graphics and others can access them from there. During my search I have come across a number of alternatives to FB. However, it brought a question to mind:

Where have these 251 accounts (at least the left-leaning ones) gone to? Have they already chosen another platform? Are they all heading to one in particular or are they spreading out all over the place. I am guessing that the vast majority of the groups that got kicked off of FB already have websites, but in order to reach a larger audience, they need a social media platform to help direct people to those sites.

Any information on the current whereabouts of the FB disengaged would be welcome.

Meanwhile these are some of the sites that I intend to look at, in part due to their assurance of privacy. If anyone has information to share about these, it would be appreciated.

Mastadon (also a Twitter replacement from what I have read so far)

One that shows up on a lot of lists of FB alternates is Vero, but as they require a home phone number, I won't go there.

Note: I am also looking for good hosting sites for images and video.

PS: It appears that Facebook has now extended the time it takes to completely remove your presence (if not the data they have already collected) from the previous two weeks to currently a month: Facebook is Dying and Here’s the Proof

In a shocking and bizarre move to the product and customer experience it now takes a full month to delete your Facebook account — twice as long as before. That’s not exactly free will or the right to say no and breakup with an app that you may have spent way too much time on in your life.

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