What is Westlessness ?

There I read about the Munich Security Conference, where I heard the expression "Westlessness" for the first time. Well, what I thought at the first moment about it, was not what it meant by those who used it.

This article gives some details in English:
Munich: Steinmeier sees ‘Destructive Dynamics in Global Policy’

Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been part of the Munich Security Conference before, but as Foreign Minister. As President of the Federal Republic of Germany, it was his first participation. He talked about “Westlessness”, this year’s motto, which is supposed to mean the West’s influence in the world is crumbling for two reasons. With Trump, America is moving away from peacemaking and peacekeeping in the world. And Europe is dealing with its own problems more than anything, even though issues in countries outside its area might become its own tomorrow. ...

President Steinmeier said international agreements would be broken these days. With this statement, he criticized the United States for pulling out of the ‘Iran Deal’ Europe is still clinging to. He also said the United Nations were losing influence in the world. There were “destructive dynamics in global policy”. And the competition between the big powers was back.

So, let's see what Pompeo had to say at the MSC.:

(sorry, I have not found a transcript yet and he talks so much I had no courage to even try to excerpt some of his words. Sorry for that)
Now, lets see what Macron has to say: Pompeo, Macron present opposing visions at MSC

Macron calls for better long-term relations with Russia, oh, oh, Pompeo might not like that.

hmm, to be honest, when I heard the expression "Westlessness" I thought to myself, yeah, finally we could have less of Westernism and frankly I was all for it.

Of course, I got all wrong again as usual.
Or may be not?

The annual Munich Security Conference brings together some 35 heads of state and government. Among their top issues are the West's role on the international stage and the conflict in Syria's Idlib province. With the US under President Donald Trump becoming ever more unreliable, 'Westlessness' is increasing and French President Emmanuel Macron is eager to take the helm.

Westlessness is the way to go, right?

Hopefully some of you professionals can write up something better about this conference. It's beyond my capabilities. This is just to hint at some of you to write something about it. Looks like something is cooking between the West and the not-so-West Europeans.

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Pompeo: Amerika akbar. Russia bad. China worse. You can count on us but pay your NATO dues.

Macron: Amerika pulled away, allowing Russia to take over Syria, whilst not mentioning that the French could have exerted increased military interference had they so chosen. Mickey Mouse Macron wants to be Chef d'Europa but not enter the kitchen.

Jens Stoltenberg: Hey, Donny, don't let us down. We need ya.

Deutsche Weld commentary: blah, blah, and blah. Macron wants to be one of the big boys.

It pleases me to comment on the slowly crumbling EU, although supported by the US, bitching and moaning, still pining for the return of l'ancien régime.

Nigel Farage got the UK to add to the Westlessness. El Trumpo is gonna give BoJo such sweet trade incentives that Manny, Angela, etc. will drool. Okay, EM, send your troops to Idlib--it's not too late.

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@Alligator Ed

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@Alligator Ed @Alligator Ed
OMG, now I am looking at my Alligator like Hillary looks at Bloomberg in the overnight Caption contest... muddy swamps are some dangerous waters, once you are in the mud ... strange things happen ... Smile

Thank You.

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Get the hell out. And stay out. The west lost. Russia, the only country there legally, helped Syria recover its sovereignty. The US, France, Turkey, etc. have no right to be there.

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