Well quelle surprise! Priests on the Prowl.

Disclosure. The Priest at my all male Xaverian Brothers high school was a predator. ID'd in the Bernard Law conflagration before his eminence gaining a cushy job at the Vatican and FR. Matte being arrested.

A 2 year PA grand jury says what?

List: Catholic priests, clergy members named in Pa. grand jury report on sexual abuse

Yeah, don't read that it's only 300+ names if you are weak, or have been asleep, or was from Ireland where I think all this crap began. (Where the Priests and the Nuns imprisoned children and pregnant unwed mothers to basically slavery...look it up)

We should be glad that Betty Clermont posts here.

When I talk to the Bapists here in TX and they ask why I am no longer a Catholic, they look at me with confused faces. It was way different in the good old days when they fucked their slaves with wild abandon.

Religion is truly the opiate of the people and the greatest scam ever envisioned.

Fuck that little boy you asshole and die the most horrible death ever.

Fuck You.

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Last time I checked there's 49 more of em.

When your religion teaches that God can do no wrong and that the priest gets to speak for him... you've pretty much set this up to happen.

I'm with Odysseus. Kill the Priests, Spare the Musicians. Never kill anybody who has an actual gift from the gods.

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I do not pretend I know what I do not know.

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and that the priest gets to speak for him... you've pretty much set this up to happen."

I sometimes ask myself why it is so difficult for people to take responsibility for themselves, sacrificing their personal power to another entity with no more value than can be found within. Trying to sustain an unnatural facade (through religion, or anything else) seems like a futile effort, and a lot less satisfying one.

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@janis b I was raised Catholic and spent all but two of my 18 educational years in Catholic schools. Looking back, I can honestly say I never felt "into" it, but never had a say in the matter, either. I left it all behind once the first scandal broke (and amid the Church's repeated smackdowns on gay marriage and the ability for women to become priests) and have never looked back.

Sadly, I still, even now, have to justify this with certain family members who continue abdicating their power to this thoroughly corrupt institution. The entire thing needs to collapse upon itself and spontaneously combust.

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how right wingers can bitch so much about lazy Americans who don't want to work and suck from the rest of us, but never look behind the pulpit.

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at age 11. My mother pushed me into it.

The priest helped us get dressed for mass. His hands went all over my body as he "fitted" and smoothed the garments. The third week his hand went to my crotch. I pushed it away and he just smiled at me.

I never went back after this. In fact, I've never set foot in a fucking Catholic church since despite extreme pressure from family during Christmas and Easter.

I spent grade one and two in a Catholic school taught by nuns. Some were gentle and kind. The ones in charge were psychopaths. They knew how to torture a six year old who cared more for looking at fluffy clouds and daydreaming than memorizing catechism.

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@CB It's sick. And I'm glad you were able to regain control.

I agree with you on the nuns. Some are psychopaths; others are kind. Many are (paradoxically) feminists. Unfortunately, I think this latter group has zero chance to change things from within.

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As attendence fell, the Church shuttered one Catholic school after another. Without tuition coming in, there was no money to keep up the convents. So the convents were disbanded. The nuns, many of them elderly, were literally tossed into the streets. They were not given a pension. Since they had never gotten a paycheck, they weren't eligable for Social Security. (They might have had some money for the nuns if they weren't having their ass sued off by all the child molestation cases.)

So, as awful and twisted as most of them were, at least what happened to them can be used as an object lesson for Catholics. No matter how devout, submissive, and poor you make yourself for us, we will toss you aside in a heartbeat. Feel the loyalty. Feel the love.

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Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore talk about priests from the Catholic church abusing young boys.
"We used to call him (the priest) Happy Hands Holohan"

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I wanted to read your thoughts and comments. They were heartfelt and ON POINT! I was shocked to see my name mentioned. Your encouragement means a great deal to me.

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Betty Clermont

for printing the exact type of columns that you see here. Thorough, well footnoted etc. It was a cabal of religionistas who railed against her truth telling. For a long time, there were glowing diaries about Pope Francis... he was a "progressive" and "environmentalist", but FEW of these so called liberal democrats wanted to face the fact that children were still being abused under Francis, women were still being abused in catholic hospitals, the US bishops were still using church dollars to affect government laws through paid lobbyists, and on and on. Don't tell me that the Democrats represent women's rights when they can't speak up about the church and its hospitals. These were LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! The administration finally caved into the Wee Mama/Timaeus crowd and decided only to print the Vatican generated PR crap and let Betty's hard hitting reporting go. Another reason I left the Dem Party.

So glad Betty is here too!

I hate to quote William Buckley Jr. but here goes, "Liberals claims to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views."

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

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Shouldn't this finally lead to a national furor?

Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in PA, Had Playbook to “Conceal the Truth”

As an Irish friend said recently, the churches there are empty. And the culture a lot more progressive than thought to be, exhibited in its majority support of abortion rights, gay marriage and fight back against austerity.

Excellent Leonard Lopate interview on WBAI this past Monday at noon about this:

Michael Patrick MacDonald grew up in the Old Colony Housing Project in South Boston, a neighborhood that held the highest concentration of white poverty in the United States.

After losing four of his eleven siblings and seeing his generation decimated by poverty, crime, addiction, and incarceration, he learned to transform personal and community trauma by becoming a leading Boston activist, organizer and writer.

He is the author of the New York Times Bestselling memoir, "All Souls: A Family Story From Southie" and the acclaimed "Easter Rising: A Memoir of Roots and Rebellion." He is also a regular contributor to The Boston Globe’s Op Ed page.

As an activist, MacDonald has focused his efforts on multi-cultural coalition building to reduce violence and promote grassroots leadership from our most impacted communities.

On Monday’s show, Michael gives Leonard a report on the state of Ireland today.

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"If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:


- Kurt Vonnegut

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is a 2017 documentary about the goings on at a Catholic girls school in Maryland in the 1960s. It includes rape and murder by priests, who were in very tight with the local police and the state police.

Its on Netflix. Here is a link to the IMDB review of it.

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