A Very Valuable and Necessary Essay by Saritha Prabhu — “Why Spygate is Turning Democrats Like Me Against the Democratic Party”

Originally published Aug 3, 2018

If you are a fair-minded person and have felt that the mainstream media has entered an alternative universe over the last couple of years, please read this concise and ever-so-on-target new essay by Saritha Prabhu:


I wish I had written it myself!

I, like Saritha, am no fan of Trump, but he was duly elected under our current system of laws. If we didn’t like those laws, it was our obligation to change them before the election was held. In a properly functioning democracy, we vigorously contest our views prior to the election, but, once the results are in, we respect the will of the voters who elected the victor by paying a modicum of respect to them and their candidate. And if we are good people — like Jimmy Carter — we hope that the newly elected official will have a successful term of office beneficial to our country, no matter how much we might doubt this. It is appropriate, indeed necessary, to critique the actions of the official when we disagree with them, but this should be done with a certain measure of decorum out of respect for our fellow citizens who put him/her in office. This is what makes our democracy workable.

With Trump, we have a mainstream media that finds a way to criticize him viciously for virtually everything he does, regardless of whether such criticism is truly merited. In the long run, this is tiresome, builds sympathy for Trump among independents, and distracts attention from criticisms that have important merit. And many Dems (are you listening, Daily Kos?) seriously maintain that Trump is an “illegitimate” President, owing to “Russian interference”, or a beef with the Electoral College, or God knows what else.

And what our Deep State has done to Trump and his colleagues, prior to and following the campaign, is simply beyond the pale. As far as we can see now, there was never any credible reason to think that his campaign colluded with Russian election interference (and I don’t think we will ever find any, as I don’t think that there was meaningful Russian interference). Therefore, the Mueller investigation and the multiple efforts of our Deep State to spy on and entrap Trump associates, prior to and after the election, have been wholly unjustified and a severe violation of the privacy rights of those targeted. (Yes, I suspect that the contacts with Mifsud, Goldstone, and Greenberg were intentional efforts to entrap Trump associates directed by our Deep State and GCHQ — the fact that 3 different individuals with ties to our Deep State, GCHQ, and/or Fusion/GPS, each approached Trump associates with offers of “Russian dirt on Hillary”, at about the same time, is too big a coincidence to be a coincidence.) As Ms. Prabhu notes, this strikes to the core of our democracy — if our Deep State is able to get away with tearing up every rule in the book to screw over a candidacy it doesn’t like, our democracy is a total sham. Which is why it is despicable and incredibly disheartening that most Dems and our MSM are simply unwilling to acknowledge that our Deep State has been perpetrating one of the most egregious scandals in American history. A lifelong progressive like me — I call myself “an FDR Democrat” — has to turn to Fox News to get any reasonable MSM analysis of what has been going on. (Fortunately, my mute button works well.)

And the situation is made tremendously worse by the fact that this edifice of unwarranted persecution is rooted in outright slanders against Russia — goading us toward a costly and potentially quite dangerous Second Cold War. The spectacle of Democrats perpetrating a new McCarthyism, and genuflecting to Deep State propagandists and liars whose agenda is war, endless confrontation, and military empire, is beyond nauseating.

No less distressing is the fact that corporatist media have abandoned all pretense of doing the sort of honest investigative journalism that was practiced during my youth. What we now get is a steady stream of propaganda denigrating both Trump and Russia. These media usually do not tell overt lies in a way that could be quickly detected — that might reap rapid ignominy; rather, they practice lying by omission. Facts that are incongruent with the anti-Trump, anti-Russia, neocon-friendly agendas simply go unreported. If you want to have a clue as to what is actually going on, you need to seek out independent online journalists/analysts who are surviving on the equivalent of alms (Patreon, etc.) or effectively working pro bono.

I’m looking forward to offering vigorous advocacy for Bernie Sanders once the Presidential primaries get underway. Until then, surviving psychologically will continue to be a daily challenge.

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and this article was not written by a "walk away Democrat", but it contains a sort of truth. The "resistance" to Trump is beyond the pale in a way - an anti democratic (note the small d) way that the Republican refusal to accept Obama wasn't.
The Republicans denied Obama anything because he was a Democrat and a black man - no, a corruptocrat and an oreo cookie. He was contemptible, a willing, blatant traitor to what he claimed to be. It was more than party politics and race, it was visceral. Trump? Look at Trump in the context of Hillary. Hillary would have been similarly contemptible if she wasn't also a kill crazy lovecraftian horror, and the "resistance" comes out of and shares that. They don't want to rule, they want to destroy. They do not want to maintain power and allow their supporters to continue their privilege, they want power so that they can demand everyone conform to their hypocrisy.

One last note: This is the well-to-do upper middle class the "centrists" claim will defect Trump in sufficient numbers to hand them elections. Ain't gonna happen. They may not know their own flaws, but they see you for what you are and they hate you.

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A PROUD Hillary hater since 1993