Trump committed the sin America does not forgive.

.How I wish that I had posted this yesterday morning! Yesterday morning, a talking head said that "the markets" had just dropped to their lowest point since September 2016 because--wait for it--Trump fired Comey. Comey was not also fired in September 2016, so "the markets" must react to things other than Comey's résumé. Inasmuch as the TV talking heads are the source of all that is true in today's America (though not so much in 2003's America or 2016's), it must be so: Trump did it (and months of media hair on fire had no effect). Hey! Now, I'm thinking Trump and/or Russia broke my clothes dryer. Why, I oughtta.... first thought after hearing the news yesterday morning was "Trump's time has come." However, even I didn't think they would appoint special counsel the very same day as they blamed Trump for the drop in "the markets"--and, just as he was about to go off for his big trip abroad, too. So, I Ass U Me(D), without thinking, that I could safely write this essay today. But, as the saying goes, "If you snooze you lose." Consequently, this essay will now seem like rant of a Thursday afternoon quarterback trying, retroactively, to seem prescient about yesterday afternoon. So, I'll just be over here, eating my peas humbly while I finish keystroking this essay, when I couldda been a contendah for bragging rights. Anyway....

Dear reader, never mind what the NT says, the unforgiveable sin in America these days is affecting "the markets" adversely. That has, of course, always been a sin in the U.S.--and I'm talking mortal. However, at this point, so many good-paying jobs have left us (USexited? Amexited?); and we've been being programmed for years, even by PBS's progamming, that we absolutely must invest in "the markets." Plus, as foretold by über prescients, Nostradamus (maybe) and George Carlin (definitely), "the markets" want your Social Security and your other retirement money (if any); and, when "the markets" drop, you may become even more reluctant to allow your (snort) elected (snort) representatives to gift Wall Street your Social Security, along with a big cash payment for its trouble. So, affecting "the markets" adversely is a bigger sin in the U.S. than ever. In fact, the zeal to avoid even the occasion of that sin just may be why people who are not members of the investor class can't have nice things.

At two very important times of his life, President William Jefferson Clinton said that the two people who influenced him most were John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Carroll Quigley. I suspect that Bill Clinton was funning us some, as is the wont of that inexplicably lovable joker (no, really, utterly inexplicable). The biggest influences in Bubba's life were Senator J. William Fulbright and Hillary Rodham Clinton, maybe even Chelsea Clinton (parenthood). But I digress...maybe. What's that? You have no clue who he is? No worries! JFK was from a big family. His father, J--What? You meant the other guy from Massachusetts...Quigley? Oops, sorry: Carroll Quigley, Ph.d, was a professor of Bubba's at Georgetown University.

Quigley seems to have been most famous, as well as most controversial, for his views on evolution of civilizations. Although I urge avoiding the weaponized term, "conspiracy theory," the Clinton connection may justify mentioning here that Quigley was considered a "conspiracy theorist." (Because Clinton cited both Quigley and JFK, I also note here the irony that the tragically short-lived George magazine published an article titled The Quigley Cult.

What? You want me to get to the point already? Okay: In Tragedy and Hope, which you can find on youtube, along with a bunch of other Quigley stuff, Quigley wrote--and may have taught Bubba--that "the markets" hate uncertainty. (Isn't it adorable how we talk about financial markets as though they were both monolithic and human?--And an omniscient human at that.) Supposedly, markets are fine with Hell and high water. As long as Hell and high water don't change much (or quickly), financial markets will supposedly adjust. Only not knowing what may happen next makes the presumably otherwise steely markets very nervous.

In particular, in Quigley's mind, little change should occur from one administration to another. Inasmuch as U.S. administrations have, for over 150 years, been either Democratic or Republican, this particular form of homeostasis can be achieved easily if Democrats and Republicans simply behave a lot alike. Coincidental correlations between Quigley and the Democratic Leadership Council:* (1) Applying the philosophy and advice of the DLC results in Democrats' behaving a lot like Republicans; (2) the first President of the DLC was one William Jefferson Clinton, who was also (3) America's first DLC/New Democrat President; (4) Bubba's economic policies cleared the way for the mega-bankster bonanza known euphemistically as "mortgage derivatives," which Hoovered most of the money out of the planet; (5) Barack Hussein Obama, America's second DLC/New Democrat President, expressly stated that his policies were those of a moderate Republican of the 1980s; and (6) Obama famously presided over the fastest transfer of wealth to the wealthiest in recorded history. (On the bright side, I'm guessing "the markets" don't care if you marry someone whose genitalia resemble yours. So knit those identical hats confidently!)

And that, dear reader, just may be why people who are not members of the investor class can't have nice things: Dropping the markets is the sin that the Koch brothers and their colleagues America absolutely does not forgive; and Presidents whose policies are those of moderate Republicans of the 1980s are not so careless as to drop the markets likeDonald (Nananana, Hey, Hey) Trump did. So, let this be a lesion lesson to you: As President, the markets want only moderate Republicans like that archetypal Republican from the 1980s. So, no hope and change for you! Got it?

*As I typed this essay, I began to wonder about Al From's version of how he, Clinton and the DLC came together.

WARNING: These videos may increase blood pressure levels:
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The Markets are fine today, except gold is disfavored. Go figure. Or do like I did (missing the 20K number) and pull the money out. They are crazy!

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Hey! my dear friends or soon-to-be's, JtC could use the donations to keep this site functioning for those of us who can still see the life preserver or flotsam in the water.


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Rec'd X 1,000,000!!

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Some yahoos make me want to change species!


You are always so good about positive feedback. It's much appreciated.

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This requires further elucidation. The biggest sin to the 99%, who wield barely 1% of influence in this country is pedophilia. The biggest sin for the 1%, who control 99% of influence is market disruption. As you correctly explain, the markets are all knowing, but we mere serfs, are too ignorant to understand such divine knowledge of market behavior.

In 2008, the market illuminati, aka Wall Street, had a lapse of acknowledgement of The Market. Woe her unto them for their sins--but fear not! Barack Hussain Obamanation came to rescue--of the market seers, forgiving their sins of disobedience and rewarding them for their keeping the Market pure (by edict).

We must learn to love the market and invest in it--oops, many don't have the wherewithal to do so--poor serfs. Those uninvested in the Ponzi scheme of lower Manhattan are doomed to poverty for their refusal to pray at the Holy Church of The Market.

Love both Carlin videos.

Good job.

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@Alligator Ed

When someone or something drops the markets, the plutocrats leap into action by any means necessary. Appointments of special counsel to begin getting rid of a President who was elected not even a year ago, bank bailouts, immunity agreements, the New Deal, whatever it takes to placate Wall Street and the banksters because markets.

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