The revolution is not being televised

The Youth Of Latin America (and elsewhere) Are On Fire!


The youth of Peru aren't satisfied with the scalps of just two presidents.

A political giant is stirring in Peru -- and it isn't the new president.
After a raucous two weeks of power plays at the highest levels of government that saw three different men pass through Peru's presidency, thousands of young Peruvians have reinvigorated protest and politics. With the hashtag #TheyMessedWithTheWrongGeneration, they're warning officials in a system plagued by corruption that business as usual will no longer be tolerated.
On the surface, his removal seemed to be the latest in a long line of downfalls tied to corruption allegations that have tarnished Peru's highest office -- an inglorious tradition that saw several of Vizcarra's predecessors end up imprisoned or under investigation.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is under house arrest after resigning amid accusations of receiving more than $4 million in bribes from Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht, which he denies. Alan Garcia killed himself in 2019 when the police arrived to arrest him on suspicion of accepting bribes from the same company. Alejandro Toledo was arrested in the US and now faces extradition to Peru on corruption charges, which he denies.
Peru's Prosecutor's office has also submitted charges against Ollanta Humala for money laundering.


Peru is just the latest in a wave of demonstrations that shook Latin America, with protesters in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and elsewhere taking to the streets to protest for better conditions for the poor and working class.
What started with teenagers in Chile, turned into a new constitution.
In Colombia, anti-police violence protests has become a general strike.
Haitian protesters are battling the police in the streets.
Guatemalan protestors set fire to their Congress.
#TheyMessedWithTheWrongGeneration is about a lot more than Peru. It's going global.

Thai protesters have now joined the ranks of young rebels rising up against injustice and authoritarianism in different parts of the world, from Hong Kong to Chile, Nigeria to Lebanon, Belarus to the USA. Since August, large youth-led pro-democracy protests have rocked the Thai military junta and dared to criticize the country’s monarchy.

The youth are taking over, not a moment to soon.
You know it's serious when the MSM won't talk about it.

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I don't think much of my generation; I never did.

Very few people under 40 really know what a functional, rational, civilization looks like; how are WE going to restore it? My younger cousin said something very wise a while back. We need EVERY generation working together (that being the super-simplified version). Most people's memories are too short, too; I dread that the best possibilities - the options that SHOULD prevail - will get crushed underfoot.

Perhaps most tellingly, when has anything good ever come out of Twitter??? It's a groupthink-engine; even if something STARTS good, it rapidly goes south.

On a less mopey note: Is there ANY indication this movement is penetrating through to the Anglophone world?

I suppose I should be glad my generation is "The Nostalgia Generation": Nostalgia is normal for every generation, but we have uniquely rational reason for it.

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In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is declared mentally ill for describing colors.

Yes Virginia, there is a Global Banking Conspiracy!

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That's a good line!

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"The West doesn't spend any time, or, our policymakers in Washington spend no time thinking about, like, what are the achievable goals here?" -- Tucker Carlson, on Project Ukraine