The ramifications if there really are non-human visitors to Earth

And have been for many decades is a question that always gets deftly diverted by the discussion of "Is it real or not?" No one ever stops to think of all the ramifications if it turns out to be true.

So let's suppose that it is true and think it through.

What we know: They have a propulsion system unlike anything we understand.

They are almost certainly based under our oceans.

It is almost certain that they attacked the island of Colares in 1977 and drained the victims of their blood. We can discern this because the tic tac video matches the description and capabilities of the ufos seen during the alien attack on Colares and also because we have solid photographic evidence of the hundreds injured and death certificates for those slain.

They are not our friends.

People in our government have been covering this all up.

Things we have to consider: That those responsible for the cover up are aware of the aliens intentions and are in collusion with them in exchange for unknown incentives, possibly their own survival. We have to consider that those keeping this info secret are traitors to the human race and in league with an enemy invader.

If they are in league with an alien presence, then how do we know that when Enron realized global warming was real, they did nothing because their alien overlords wanted global warming. Perhaps they want to wipe out all life on Earth but while they possess advanced technology, they don't want to use it for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they play by the Dark Forest philosophy and want to wipe out competing species without the possibility of alerting third parties to their existence.

The idea that the US govt. would keep this secret for national security concerns is easily dismissable. An advanced alien civilization is visiting Earth and the Commander in Chief is not allowed to know? That's a far greater threat to national security.

If it turns out that this latest disclosure is true, it doesn't just mean that members of the government committed crimes by hiding the truth, it means they may be colluding with the enemy.

Another ramification: in combat, the winner is usually the first one to detect the enemy. We've not only been detected for decades, perhaps centuries, but someone is intent on keeping it that way. Only the enemy would want to keep their presence secret.

In the end, however, it matters not what planet they were born on, the 1% may have got that way due to alien intervention or due to greed and capitalism, but at the end of the day they're destroying the Earth.

So if all this talk about non-humans visiting Earth is true, it begs the question (to quote Jim Brown talking to Richard Pryor) "What you gone do?"

And why should the answer be any different if it isn't true?

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that the only thing we could possibly contribute to a society as advanced as all that would be food. We have nothing to offer the universe except eternal pillage in the best case, and eternal war in the worst.

So that's probably why they have given us the Kardashians to watch on the teevee. Keep us fat, dumb, and happy: after all, if you get us all agitated before the harvest, all that adrenaline will spoil the taste of the meat.

It does beg the question of whether getting vaporized will be more pleasant than getting eaten, but I'll leave that for a real philosopher to answer.

In my heart of hearts, I've always thought that the aliens were jailers (or perhaps sheepdogs): present to keep us here, so that we're easier to herd, and don't get a chance to fuck up anywhere *else* the way we always seem to do. But your mileage may vary.

And at that point, I have to insert the good part of the Twilight Zone episode. I can't help it- I'm sorry...

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Twice bitten, permanently shy.

They have a drive that can go 333 - 2500 with no perceptible acceleration and ruler sharp changes in direction. FTL however, is entirely different.
So, they can survive hundreds of g forces and perform optimally after hundreds of years of space travel. Obvious answer. they're robots.
So: The robots saw the Earth 50 years ago. They sent a message home (350 light years away). an extermination crew was sent at 1/2 light speed. It will get here in 1000 years.

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On to Biden since 1973

This couldn't possibly come at a worse time for me and probably most everyone else too for that matter. It probably won't matter a whole lot if they're blood sucking robots or anal probing alien-a-toids, if they're hostile we're basically doomed. I like Doh's theory best that maybe it'll take them a couple thousand years round trip. I haven't stayed up on the latest ufo news so count me ignorant here but isn't it still possible there's some kind of mass hallucination phenomenon operating somehow? Thanks for the heads up whatever the case.

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They are almost certainly based under our oceans.


I am ready to entertain any conception of ET -- and his ways. I just do not get this connection with where these fellas sleep, assuming they ever snooze.

I took my own turn speculating about what ET is up to a couple of years ago, when our government made some official pronouncements about the alleged visitors from a long way off: And now for Something completely different.

Since even the most certitudinous devotees of "objective reality" will join me in having a good chuckle about the possibility that Independence Day was prophecy rather than Hollywood schlock (damn good schlock, by the way imho), I feel comfortable in just skipping over the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors. I already know the right way to deal with them, if and when they show up -- Will Smith slugged the fucker in the nose and said, "Welcome to Earth. That's what I call a real Close Encounter!"

Of course it was the bookish white guy who recalled his HG Wells and came up with the virus to kick ET's ass. Ah, Hollywood, but I digress.

I had never heard of Colares before this diary. I had to add ufo to my google search to find anything about it. The more interesting question is not whether there is any truth to the story, but why the government has put the topic in play. Fear is hard to avoid when you consider the state of the world.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

@fire with fire

the overly majestic US information complex is getting their
propaganda asses whipped right now in real time for the
whole world to see.

Time to pull out the ET card, Guess the god card doesn't
work that well anymore so, blame it on aliens!

I'll believe it when I see it.

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