Okay, I lied. But I want to make up to you all for the depressing stuff I’ve been posting!

I found this. It’s multiple stories and they’ll lighten the load on your mind and your heart. ENJOY!

I certainly did. Old cynic that I am even I shed a tear (or two).

Heartwarming tales that will restore your faith in humanity

Empty piggy bank, full tummies



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I subscribe to that once a week prints stories about people helping people. it is such a nice break.

However, I saw something recently in my neighborhood that perked me up. There is a little rip=off store, where you can pay three times for any item than you would at the local grocery, about a block and a half from where I live. Every once in a while I do have to go there to pick up an item or two. I do not go there on the weekends as that is when most of the shootings occur.

Anyway, on Thursday last week, I went to that store. On all four corners of the street were people out with signs saying "Save our streets" and "Protect our children" and so forth. I have lived in this neighborhood for seven years, and this is a first. People are getting ramped up to make changes even in the rain.

It was wonderful to see, and as I do not have the courage to stand on a corner telling drug dealers and murderers to knock it off, I made sure to tell each and everyone of them "Thank you."

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