Not Just Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield Too

Even if you're a Blue Cross Blue Shield customer you might be affected by the data breach at Anthem.

BCBSM VP of Communications Andy Hetzel said that while Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Anthem are separate companies, they have an affiliation. It's this connection that allows somebody with BCBSM insurance to go to a hospital if they get sick in a state in Anthem's territory.

"We use each other's networks to comprise a national network," Hetzel said.

Because of this affiliation, there is a chance that data from BCBSM customers has been compromised.

"We believe there's a strong possibility, and we are taking this incident very seriously," Hetzel said.

Some plans include "in network" services and costs if you need medical care in other states. MrLear and I pay dearly for this option, because we spend a lot of time in other states we pony up the additional premium to BCBS. It appears to be these types of arrangements that opened the door for the vulnerability.

Sometimes large Michigan-based employers will insure their employees nationwide through BCBSM, so employees will have a BCBSM card but have their claims reimbursed by Anthem. In other instances, a Michigander with BCBSM insurance may have had a medical issue while traveling in one of the states powered by an Anthem partnership.


In 14 states, Anthem is the Blue Cross Blue Shield licensee. Those are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Here in Michigan, "We don't know enough facts right now to communicate whether or not anyone's data was compromised," Hetzel said.

Terrific. The nation's two largest health insurance companies were hacked and tens of millions of records were stolen that include name, date of birth, address and social security number.

Can someone please explain to us what our national security appartus protects us from?

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We're BC/BS Since I'm retired school personnel, my guess is we have national coverage. I mght as well tape my ID to the front door.

Did you read about the 4,644 sq ft empty-nester, yuppie condo the Gov just bought for him and his wife in downtown Ann Arbor? Think it was 2.5 million. It will replace his home in the gated community where he currently resides.

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which covers me even outside the country. i like the idea that they need to pay for identity theft protection for all of us for life, but then our premiums are going up.

groan. i just want to go somewhere where i cannot be tracked or bothered.


alpha centuri?

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May the dolphins, whales and furry things inherit the world. Humans, unless we do an about face, have just about proven we don't deserve this beautiful planet.

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Who needs 4644 sq feet? Seriously. We have half that and can't wait to cut down.

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