North Korea goes NUTS over graffiti calling young dictator a "son of a bitch"

At around 4:20 Am the morning of December 22, of last year, on the walls of a building in the Pyongchon district, a message, "Kim Jong Un, you son of a b****. The people are starving to death because of you”, appeared, said news site Daily NK.

This is the third incident of graffiti in the DPRK that I can remember. Back in the 1980s, there was a piece of graffiiti scrawled under a bridge in a city in North Korea's northeast. The town was turned upside down as the government went nuts trying to track down the writer.

There was at least one previous incident to that. The South Korean National Intelligence Service used to maintain a web site which showed various aspects of North Korea they had collected in a sort of online museum.

Among the photos they had collected, was an image of some graffiti in their northern neighbor. However, it is understood thats its very rare to see graffiti in the DPRK, anywhere, because the punishment if caught is likely to be death, very severe. It may seem so pathetic, almost funny, as censorship often is, but to the millions of people trapped in North Korea with their families, its very serious. Just as the countless lives lost to Germens, not that long ago, the Eastern part of Germany was the GDR, a Soviet satellite and part of the Iron Curtain. The city of Berlin had been divided since several years after the end of WWII, after World War II by a concrete wall with watch towers and guard posts, much like the DMZ that divides Korea roughly along the Armistice line.. roughly the 38th Parallel. This heavily defended border featured a kill zone, Anybody who attempted to cross this zone was aimed at and shot, if the guards could hit them with their AK 47s or tower mounted machine guns, they would be killed. Needless to say this wall was unpopular with Germans. And others.

But, as you can see in the video. When the ending of the division of Berlin, and Germany happened it happened really quickly, like many political changes always have. The world watched in amazement and tears of joy as the Wall came down. It was really a magical moment for most of humanity.

However, The events that followed in China were really horrid and depressing. The Chinese people rose up calling for democracy. They rose up in a flowering of freedom like the world has rarely seen..

They rose up and were brutally put down.

Right across a narrow river is North Korea, the Hermit Kingdom. Still very much a country behind walls.

The main effect of the nis.go.ko? site was to show people that indeed, there is such a place as North Korea, and living there is often a hell for its people. So, now, what?

Nobody knew! Nobody knows.

However the effect of publicity seems to have been mostly to drive a sort of "danger tourism" to the country, not a good result, as they extract money from tourism that props up the Kim family.

Also, it is dangerous from outsiders to go there as the rules are so very different for people. No warning could be enough, it seems.

As its very difficult to get them to release people they manage to imprison for various things that are to us really minor "crimes" Around two years ago a US college student foolishly gained access to a closed floor in a Pyongyang hotel reserved exclusively for foreign visitors hotel staff and stole a propaganda poster. UNfortunately they had the entire hotel, including the staff only secret floor, wired with CCTV and this theft was captured on video. The young man basically paid for this crime with his life!

Now the Ministry of State Security, or Bowibu, the DPRK's infamous secret police, is demanding that everybody permitted to be in Pyongyang, a closed city for the aforementioned core class only, roughly 2.8 million, submit samples of their writing!

Like the US recently those in charge want total control over information, because they have a lot to hide.

No doubt this explains how paranoid the Kim Family is about dissent.

One can only imagine what might come next. It could be amazing if the regime falls, or if they nuke their own people, which they might do if they rose up, very grim.

Lets hope that sane heads prevail in Korea as they did in the recent past in Germany.

The world will rejoice with you if you do.

Here in the US, as we ready for ML King Day, We can only dream.

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near the Korean Demilitarized Zone in Seoul for over a year to prevent to be sent to the Iraq war for a second time in 2003. The only way to avoid it was to accept a one year contract to serve in Korea, as Rumsfeld offered it back then.

I have to dig into my photos and mails to pull it together. I visited my son in Seoul in that time (to the surprise of most of his comrades). There are photos and memories, but I don't want to look back into files now. it was during that time that my son showed serious PTSD symptons from the Iraq war he was in before going to Korea.

Well, I have lots of projects in front of me and putting together timelines of all of it.

Wish me luck to have the strength to do it.

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from PTSD while the stress is happening. Dont know if it would be helpful afterward but it might be.

Id mix it with Acetyl-l-Carnitine and L-Tryptophan.

Don't let them patent natural substances like They want to. (And enslave all humanity especially Americans in debt.)

When I have been under very serious stress I have taken lots of it (as turmeric tea), and it seems as if it might have helped preserve my PFC. Who knows?

Continuous stress will damage the medial prefrontal cortex, which connects the left and right sides of the brain.

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the graffitti. She is from Hyesan North Korea as Hyonseo Lee was.

She is correct in pointing out that there are now signs of dissent in the repressive kingdom that were never ever seen before. Its about time!

As the graffiti points out Kim is starving his people. I have an idea. I hope he's cooked and eaten in a ritual meal to feed his hungry country. Hear that, Jong-Un?

I hope the corpulent Kim is given a taste of his own medicine. Preferably in the forms that he has inflicted on so many others. And his sister, although there is much less meat on her than Jong-un.. too.

On principle.

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To stuff like this, I'm skeptical.
I've heard exaggerations about NK before. As well as Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc

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but the first half of "He may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch"(C), the copyrighted US slogan pertaining to fascist pig dictators that the US owns, supports, and controls. It is clearly a slander to apply it to the current ruler of the DPRK, who does not bow to our wishes or grovel at our feet.

be well and have a good one

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --