News media declares Oklahoma teacher strike over. Most Oklahoma teachers disagree

The news media is lying about the Oklahoma teachers strike.
Let me give you a good example.

(Reuters) - Oklahoma’s largest teachers union on Thursday called off a nearly two-week walkout that shut public schools statewide, saying it had secured historic gains in education funding after school budgets were devastated by a decade of cuts.

There is one overt lie in that sentence and another implied one.

“We absolutely have a victory for teachers,” Alicia Priest, president of the Oklahoma Education Association, told a news conference.
“Our members are saying they want to go back to the classroom,” said Priest, whose union has about 40,000 members.

And there is another lie here.

Lie #1: The Oklahoma Education Association isn't a union! It's a professional association.

Lie #2: The OEA didn't call this strike. The OEA didn't lead this strike. The OEA didn't want this strike. The OEA couldn't legally declare a strike if they wanted to strike.

Lie #3: The teachers aren't ready to end this strike.

Public schools in Oklahoma's two largest cities will remain closed another day despite plans to end a strike by teachers seeking more classroom funding.
Oklahoma City and Tulsa schools said Thursday they will remain closed on Friday, the end of the second week of a statewide walkout by teachers who marched on the state Capitol. Many smaller districts also plan to remain closed on Friday though others have already resumed classes.

When OKC and Tulsa (and "many smaller districts") remain closed, the strike is a loooonnggg ways from being over.
If you don't believe me, look at the state capitol.

And hundreds of teachers were furious Thursday that OEA had ended what they viewed as their walkout.

“Remember that we teachers are the voice that started this movement, and we are the voice that ends it,” wrote Alberto Morejon, a social studies teacher who started the Facebook group Oklahoma Teacher Walkout, which has drawn more than 70,000 members.

Morejon called on teachers to return to the capitol Friday morning to decide on their next course of action. Hundreds of teachers responded in the comments section about their anger over OEA’s decision. Dozens said they were calling OEA to cancel their memberships. None of those who had commented as of Thursday said they were ready to go back.

Gee, maybe the OEA doesn't speak for the teachers.
Nevertheless, the news media is almost unanimous in declaring an end to the strike.

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LA Times: Oklahoma teacher walkout winds down despite lawmakers' failure to meet demands
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This media PSYOPS may work in ending the teachers strike, but its NOT the same thing as defeating the strike. Thus, it'll come back. Probably next year.

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Many, many articles that the "teachers union" said that the strike was over.

In other words, the media repeated the lie described in this article.

I kept going down and down to find the democrats.

I finally found a twitter feed for the state dems and on April 4, they said that they support the teachers strike

There was an article about a teacher who tried to talk to her representative and got nowhere, so she is now running against him.

I went to the web page for OK dems

They made a statement of support on March 30 -- Republicans not funding Ed

On April 2, Tom Perez, head of the DNC stands with them

In other words, the dems are following the lead of the teachers

But I didn't get any hint of passion and making this a big issue ...

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