Mass graves in Kenya of those killed by British in the British Gulag should be exhumed

I recently read thie book Imperial Reckoning The untold story of Britians Gulag in Kenya. by Carolyn Elkins..

and was struck by the horrendous brutality there in the 1950s until 1962 when the British left Kenya. The things they did were comparable to the deeds of the Gestapo and the Kim Regime in North Korea in every way. They were the exact same thing. Killing of the powerless and theft of their valuable land. Now another land grab is occurring all around Africa and the stolen land is now being funneled to US and European agribusiness. Except now its much more organized and there is no means by which those displaced can prevent it. Look up Land Grab and you'll see this is a huge coordinated land grab going on all around the world.

In 1950-1962 Maybe a quarter million to half a million Kenyans, most of who belonged to the Land and Freedom movement or had been accused of membership in this group, were killed. Around thirty eight white sttlers were killed also. Many many other people were imprisoned in the UK's Gulag camps. Accused people were tortured and often castrated by the British in what amounts to an attempt to free up land for British, Italian and German colonizers. It was frankly, a genocide. Many of the perpetrators are still alive and were never brought to justice. Now, teams of scientists exist who investigate these kind of killings. They do good work but oftentimes, there is resistance, like there was in Central America and East Timor. But the investigations must be done. Otherwise the genocide will happen again. These kinds of wrongs must be righted. The mass graves must be investigated.

The UK has been discovered destroying the records from this era.

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