Likely sabotage of VZ hydroelectric power plant

‘Venezuela blames sabotage & ‘US electricity war’ after major power outage’,, 8 Mar, 2019

“Thousands of commuters in Caracas had to walk home as a power outage shut down the capital’s subway, resulting in massive traffic jams.The lights also went out in the largest airport of Caracas.

The outage was caused by “deliberate sabotage” at the Guri hydroelectric power plant, which provides most of the country’s energy, local media reported.

The presumed saboteurs are likely linked to the US-backed opposition, Venezuela’s electric energy minister, Luis Motta Dominguez, claimed on national TV.

The minister pointed out that US Senator Marco Rubio, who is leading a fierce campaign to oust Maduro, tweeted about the outage just minutes after the emergency occurred.”

‘Venezuelan VP: Marco Rubio Behind Nation-Wide Blackout Sabotage’,, March 8, 2019

“Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced late Thursday that President Nicolas Maduro ordered schools and offices be shut on Friday in order to speed up the repairs of the Venezuelan electric system, which was attacked by far-right groups Thursday afternoon.

In a press conference, the Vice President denounced that Venezuela’s blackout was caused by far-right groups encouraged by U.S. politicians. Among these, she referred to Marco Rubio, a Republican Senator from Florida hostile to the Venezuelan government, who posted a tweet just 3 minutes after the blackout began.

“We want to send a message to the international community: just three minutes after the attack, Marco Rubio, once again, as a crime reporter, reported on the event that was happening in our country,” Rodriguez said and added “Mr. Rubio, I want to inform you that, in a few hours, the Venezuelan people and the international community will know the truth. We’ll know that your rotten hands – supported by your lackeys who permanently attack the Venezuelan people – are involved in this event.”

One might be tempted to pass this off as Paranoid Conspiracy Theory, but given the backstory, I won’t call it that.

First, the opposition’s initial ‘Deadline: Feb. 23’ coup was to be ‘failure to let the (Trojan Horse) ‘humanitarian aid’ convoys into the ‘starving and dying’ citizens of VZ.  #Fizzle, because the military and police stood strong.

Next  gambit was Gauido’s return to a Caracas airport from his eleven-day tour to LIMA nations to drum up support for a military intervention.  He was met at the airport by ambassadors from Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and several other countries which gathered at the arrival gate to huddle around him like a high-profile human shield.  Pompeo, had warned that if Maduro interfered (arrested, we assume) with Guaido in any way: there would be consequences.  The Maduro government ignored Guadio.  #Fizzle.

Guaido was welcomed by rallies in his honor, and the next day he’d claimed that the result of his meetings with trade union bureaucrats was that they’d agreed to massive worker strikes in the near future, no dates specified.

Although:  Two days later the VZ government had declared German ambassador Daniel Kriener persona non grata over what it called “interference into its internal affairs”.

On March 7 had reported on a bloomberg news article claiming that:

“An armed force of some 200 Venezuelan military defectors and mercenaries was mobilized on Venezuela’s border with Colombia last month in a bid to force through Washington’s Trojan Horse “humanitarian aid” convoy organized with the aim of fomenting a military coup against President Nicolas Maduro and a potential civil war in the South American country, and that this armed provocation was stopped at the last minute by the Colombian government, which feared that a violent clash on its border with Venezuela could escalate into a military confrontation between the two countries.”

“The report indicated that the armed contingent assembled on Colombian soil was led by retired Gen. Cliver Alcala, a dubious figure who went into exile in Colombia after denouncing the Maduro government. A confidante of the late President Hugo Chavez, who participated in his abortive 1992 military coup in Venezuela, Alcala was one of the first senior Venezuelan military officers to be sanctioned by the US government in 2011, accused of organizing trade in guns and drugs with the Colombian FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) guerrillas.”

@SecPompeo /SecPompeo ”Maduro’s policies bring nothing but darkness.”
@SecPompeo “No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.”

Marco Rubio at his most clever.
Note: March 7 More armed troops at the border?

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half century. thanks, amigo. loved this:

"The United States Embassy said nothing on the charges and there were indications that Ambassador Davis would make no comment.

The attacks on the Ambassador are clearly a left‐wing response to charges by the leading right‐wing newspapers that Cuba is behind the crisis.

Charging “concrete and undeniable interference,” Ultima Hora said the United States Embassy had financed both the truckers strike of last October and their current.walkout, which has shaken the Government and virtually paralyzed the country. The newspaper accused Ambassador Davis bf being an agent of the C.I.A.

Meanwhile, Chile's new Military‐backed Government announced that tomorrow it would begin to requisition the vehicles of the striking truckers."

all of it was a CIA-sponsored coup d'etat, of course. 'allende shot himself w/ a rifle, the investigations ruled'. did you ever read Isabelle Allende's 'The House of Spirits'? first magical realism i'd ever read, i think.

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@MrWebster Also sounds like the same games plan our PTB used to put the shah of iran into power and act we're still getting blowback from.

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first, from the guardian, as even-handed as ever:

'Venezuela: 'country has stopped' as blackout drags into second day, Delcy Rodríguez said schools were closed and workers should stay home after ‘technological attack’ on Guri hydroelectric plant

'potentially destabilizing blackout'; 'children attached to ventilators: how are they faring', dragging in video of kids dying under hugo chavez; 'whole swathes of the nation still without power', and as to rodriquez's charging rubio:

"Rubio reacted to those claims with sarcasm. “My apologies to people of Venezuela. I must have pressed the wrong thing on the ‘electronic attack’ app I downloaded from Apple. My bad,” he tweeted. [#WhatAnAsshole]

Maduro opponents rubbished suggestions the outage was the result of an anti-government conspiracy.

“Guri has collapsed because of a lack of maintenance, just like the thermoelectric plants and the transmission and distribution lines,” tweeted Hugo Chávez’s former oil minister, Rafael Ramírez, who went into exile after splitting with Maduro in 2017."

Venezuelans Go About Their Day as Power Gradually Restored’, telesur english

"People in the Venezuelan capital Caracas reported Friday that electricity is being restored gradually in different zones of the city after a sabotage attack against the electric system of the country that took place Thursday evening.

People in the Venezuelan capital Caracas reported Friday that electricity is being restored gradually in different zones of the city after a sabotage attack against the electric system of the country that took place Thursday evening."

"Meanwhile, portable “electric plants have been issued to hospitals and clinics to ensure the well-being of the patients”, as Governor of the State of Miranda Hector Rodriguez stated on his Twitter account."

dunno if that were just in miranda or not, but contra the hype, one would think most hospitals would have plenty of diesel for back-up generators, or could easily get it. the report lists different states and sections where power has been restored, not that social media loyal to maduro might not be putting a happy face on it all.

"However as a citizen said on Thursday while waiting to take a bus in La Rinconada station, “it’s the people that were mainly affected”. Both President Nicolas Maduro and many authorities have asked for the people to remain calm, ensuring that Venezuela will prevail such attacks.

"The electric war announced and directed by U.S. imperialism against our people will be defeated," President Maduro posted on his Twitter account and added "nothing and no one will be able to defeat the people of Bolivar and Chavez. Maximum unity of the patriots!".

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@wendy davis power was fairly standard for hospitals.

That said, what a lucky, lucky coincidence for the people supporting the coup!

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kinda wish i knew what a portable electrical plant is, though. ; )

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in the same choir:

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@wendy davis had already seized as many Venezuelan assets in banks as it could.

So, gee, why doesn't the US release those funds for the power system repair?

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@wendy davis

included a snark tag on your Q, you devil!

well, the bank of england won't give over a billion in gold back to 'the maudro regime', and the 'regime's' confiscated assets are said to be in escrow or some such for He Who'd Crowned Himself Randomguydo (h/t b A Moon of alabama).

iirc, RT had reported (check that; here it is: 'VZ to move state oil firm PDVSA office from Lisbon to Moscow', march 1, reuters...and the explanation about protecting its assests, but this as well:

"Lavrov told the same news conference that Russia had sent a first shipment of medical aid to Venezuela and that Moscow was also helping Venezuela with supplies of wheat.

Russia has supplied 64,100 tonnes of wheat to Venezuela so far in the 2018/19 marketing season, data from Russia’s SovEcon agriculture consultancy showed on Feb. 18.

Russia has accused the United States of trying to engineer an illegal coup to topple Maduro and the prospect of his being ousted is a geopolitical and economic headache for Moscow."

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we have starving homeless people here
will save on shipping costs
to supply that aid

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USAID = CIA, as does NED, the national endowment for democracy' (see philip agee)

homeless and hungry in amerika: let them eat out of dumpsters! oh, wait: most cities have laws against dumpster-diving, esp. outside grocery stores! in some cities, even Feeding the Homeless on the streets is illegal. okay is: christian soup kitchens where you have to pray with them before receiving the soup.

thanks for commenting, QMS; i swear i've been in some despair over my having been hoggging the comments again.

guess we'll see what happens tomorrow in colombia with the 'new' USAID flown in.

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@wendy davis
if it is illegal to be poor in the home of the free
then the rest of the world's poor has to be also punished
equality except for the elites

thanks for the george h good song

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and sweet dreams if you can, QMS.

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more than the 'philip agee' hyperlink, but named the title, too: 'Former CIA agent tells: How US infiltrates "civil society" to overthrow governments'

i was glad to have found it; most of his exposés are on youtube, 2 L 2 watch for me.

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@QMS mention the aid we could give to prevent migration.

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it seems silly not to, as there's such scant interest in this next step in the coup against maduro's veneuela.

tonight's lullaby just has to be george harrison's (RIPower, amigo) 'beware of darkness'.

but the zapatista 'little schools for chaiapas' came in entitled '"Take care of that little light that we gave you. Don’t let it go out."

dunno if the newsletter will show; if not, i'll try something else tomorrow. sleep well, dream well, or at least instructively if you can.

on edit: oh, bother, it didn't work; this will have to do.

g' night.

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I lived there when this happened and during California's brutal summer heat. Babies are being born in Fallujah with hideous birth defects from depleted uranium. Now there's some irony for ya. We supposedly went into Iraq because they had WMDs, found none, but then used our own.

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"It seems to me that the problem is that group party interests, in this case, are placed above the interests of the entire society and the interests of people,"

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well, the two wars on iraq *were* about regime change; but you lived there? but now i see you meant in amerika.

ah, yes. turn the desert to glass with depleted uranium: the gift that keeps on giving for generations... remember that the doctors began begging women not to conceive once so many new babbies had been born with so many defects and childhood cancers? so many of the photos of would burn into one's brain, no? goddam, just scanning this years later brings thought crimes to my mind. it includes a ink to 2010: women warned not to have babbies.

Oh, you Masters of War…

You’ve thrown the worst fear
That can ever be hurled
Fear to bring children
Into the world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain’t worth the blood
That runs in your veins.

~ Bob Dylan

made me cry again. but damn, a lot of folks did some great exposés on it.

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Back to square one? Washington now says ‘no timeline’ for regime change in Venezuela (VIDEO)’,, 9 Mar, 2019

“Not only has the US failed to deliver its “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela, but Washington’s allies have unanimously ruled out military action.”

[Sure, that’s what they say publicly, even Dark Heart Bolsonaro.]

...what RT’s Igor Zhdanov described as a “thinly veiled admission of failure.” Washington still contends that “all options are on the table” – but how many options are left? Watch the full report below.”

Well, plenty of options are left....

i'd gotten on jill stein's twit account to see if she knew if the greens were running a candidate for prez, and was glad to see her all over the coup plans in VZ. this is what i believe, as well (the bloomberg claims):

@DrJillStein · Mar 6 :An attack on Venezuela's border to force in US "aid" was aborted at the last minute - but the plan reveals a real danger that Elliott Abrams may be plotting a new Contra war to terrorize #Venezuela like he terrorized Central America. #HandsOffVenezuela

this is fascinatingly hideous and sure does ballast the intention fucking of the guri hydro

from the exposé above:

“The Right Wing Opposition Amnesty and National Reconciliation Bill (Proyecto de Ley de Amnistía y Reconciliación Nacional, in Spanish) makes its stipulations retroactive to 1st January 1999, and in 45 articles, covers all manner of felonies and crimes committed up to the moment it becomes law (which, in the unlikely event of being approved, might be this year, 2016) when would be officially promulgated in the country's National Gazette (Art.2, p.6). As we shall see below, the political felonies and crimes it covers are comprehensive since the bill's scope ranges from misdemeanour at a public rally to terrorist acts involving explosives and firearms. The choice of period gives the game away since it includes ALL the illegal, criminal and law-breaking political acts perpetrated since 1999 by Opposition leaders and their supporters throughout the governments of both Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.”

amnesty shall be granted for:

a) Incitement to disobey the law, incitement to hatred and crime apology;
b. Incitement to crime;
c. Assault and battery;
d. Violence or resistance to authority, and disobedience to authority;
e. Causing panic in the community or keeping it under distress by the dissemination of false information;
f. Conspiracy;
g. Obstruction of public roads with the aim to set up fire and other attacks against passing vehicles;
h. Damaging transportation systems as well as public IT and communication;
i. Destruction or damaging of roads and related infrastructure for public communication;
j. Property damage;
k. Conspiracy and terrorism;
l. Importation, manufacture, possession, supply or concealment of explosives or incendiary devices;
m. Disturbance of public peace;
n. Insulting a civil servant, in its various forms;
o. Use of minors to commit crimes;
p. Arson and other crimes involving danger for the public in general, in various forms;
q. Treason and other crimes against the Nation;
r. Rebellion and other related offences;
s. Mutiny, civil rebellion, treason, military rebellion, incitement to military rebellion, uprising, false alarm, attack and insult to the sentry, disclosure of military secrets, offense to military decorum, misuse of badges medals and military ranks, and theft of items belonging to the Armed Force;
t. Denial of legally due services;
u. Concealment;
v. Illegal possession and misuse of firearms, and the felony of illegal possession of firearms, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of firearms in public places;
w. Damage to facilities of the National Electric System; and
x. "Other related offences or those that appear closely related to any of the above." (Amnesty and National Reconciliation Bill, pp. 9-10)"

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@wendy davis How does one who personifies pure evil come to be?

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rhetorical Q, and would require a hella lot of philosophical and psycho-spiritual possibilities, this is by way of hannah arendt's 'banality of evil':

"Arendt found Eichmann an ordinary, rather bland, bureaucrat, who in her words, was ‘neither perverted nor sadistic’, but ‘terrifyingly normal’. He acted without any motive other than to diligently advance his career in the Nazi bureaucracy. Eichmann was not an amoral monster, she concluded in her study of the case, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil (1963). Instead, he performed evil deeds without evil intentions, a fact connected to his ‘thoughtlessness’, a disengagement from the reality of his evil acts. Eichmann ‘never realised what he was doing’ due to an ‘inability… to think from the standpoint of somebody else’. Lacking this particular cognitive ability, he ‘commit[ted] crimes under circumstances that made it well-nigh impossible for him to know or to feel that he [was] doing wrong’.

Arendt dubbed these collective characteristics of Eichmann ‘the banality of evil’: he was not inherently evil, but merely shallow and clueless, a ‘joiner’, in the words of one contemporary interpreter of Arendt’s thesis: he was a man who drifted into the Nazi Party, in search of purpose and direction, not out of deep ideological belief. In Arendt’s telling, Eichmann reminds us of the protagonist in Albert Camus’s novel The Stranger (1942), who randomly and casually kills a man, but then afterwards feels no remorse. There was no particular intention or obvious evil motive: the deed just ‘happened’."

a line from a film from a book i'd heard recently (cannae remember which author), but: "I'm not an evil man, just a practical one."

i'm not sold, but then i support swiss psychologist alice miller's (mostly) Male authoritarian formula, and this is shorthand:

Humiliations, spankings and beatings, slaps in the face, betrayal, sexual exploitation, derision, neglect, etc. are all forms of mistreatment, because they injure the integrity and dignity of a child, even if their consequences are not visible right away. However, as adults, most abused children will suffer, and let others suffer, from these injuries. This dynamic of violence can deform some victims into hangmen who take revenge even on whole nations and become willing executors to dictators as unutterably appalling as Hitler and other cruel leaders. Beaten children very early on assimilate the violence they endured, which they may glorify and apply later as parents, in believing that they deserved the punishment and were beaten out of love. They don’t know that the only reason for the punishments they have ( or in retrospect, had) to endure is the fact that their parents themselves endured and learned violence without being able to question it. Later, the adults, once abused children, beat their own children and often feel grateful to their parents who mistreated them when they were small and defenseless.

This is why society’s ignorance remains so immovable and parents continue to produce severe pain and destructivity – in all “good will”, in every generation. Most people tolerate this blindly because the origins of human violence in childhood have been and are still being ignored worldwide. Almost all small children are smacked during the first three years of life when they begin to walk and to touch objects which may not be touched. This happens at exactly the time when the human brain builds up its structure and should thus learn kindness, truthfulness, and love but never, never cruelty and lies. Fortunately, there are many mistreated children who find “helping witnesses” and can feel loved by them."

while it's a new and widely misunderstood theory, babies who'd failed to bond (attach) to a primary care-giver, exhibit sort of 'conscience-free' lives. dunno what abram's early life was like, do we?

but in a contest of 'evil ones' i dunno how full a field that might be, or if he'd even win the #1 spot.

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No doubt when it is connected back to Marco Rubio loyalists he will be sent straight to prison like Chelsea Manning...NOT.

Right wingers are such amoral hypocrites.

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I don't want Trump to win, but I do want the establishment Dems to lose due to their cheating and undemocratic practices in the primary. And I will do whatever I can to help that happen.

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twine it all w/ the back-story history, rubio's 'in the blink of an eye the countries (sic) entire aluminum production capacity was destroyed by the blackout' about dancing on one's grave (they hope), *and* the immunities act passed as per venezuelanalyis oppo in 2016 above...

on edit: reminds one of 'making the economy scream' in chile, kissinger, nixont, and aided by the Chicago Boys shock doctrine economists, milton friedman @ co. 'privatize everything again; austerity needs must to pay back loans!'

nope, washington, we don't believe you've given up any regime change timeline just tryin' to lull folks in a false sense of complacency?

but you've reminded me...hasn't there been a move to try guaido/guido (h/t pompeo) and his troika of evil at the hague for crimes against humanity? iirc, VZ fore reign minister went to the UN human rights commission last week.

aha: more klews from mini-guaido:

@marcorubio · 2h2 hours ago "Overnight police disrupted efforts to set up stage for @jguaido rally today. Now large police presence at site of planned rallies this morning.

The opposition to #MaduroRegime isn’t going to fade away. Freedom will come to #Venezuela"

oopsie; don't you mean #Democracy will come...?

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Cyberattacks & insider sabotage’: Venezuela’s power grid still under attack – Maduro’,, just now

"Electrical systems in Venezuela have been targeted by another cyberattack, President Nicholas Maduro has said. Caracas has accused the US of “sabotage”, while US officials blame local corruption and mismanagement for the blackout." [snip]

According to Maduro, the systems had been nearly 70 percent restored when “we received another attack, of a cybernetic nature, at midday… that disturbed the reconnection process and knocked out everything that had been achieved until noon.” [large snip]

"Meanwhile, in the darkened streets of Caracas, a power struggle is still playing out between President Maduro and US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido, who declared himself ‘interim president’ in January. Washington immediately threw its full weight behind Guaido, as did a host of Latin American and EU states. Although the Trump administration admitted this week that it has no particular “timeline” for its desired regime change, the official line from Washington remains “all options are on the table.”

now here's telesur english's version (in part):

“The technology used in the attack on our electrical system is held only by the US, no other country in the world has the resource," said the president.

The cyber attack allegedly perpetrated by anti-institutional forces Thursday against the El Guri hydroelectric plant control system left the Venezuelan population without electricity for almost 24 hours. The sabotage was intended to leave Venezuela without light for several days, and meant to destabilizing the Maduro administration, Jorge Rodriguez, Sector Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture reported.

"They want to install a clown and a puppet as president... here it's workers who govern," he said, referring to Juan Guaido, who has been supported by the United States since Jan. 23, when he declared himself unconstitutionally as interim president.

Maduro told spectators, “We have the spiritual force to overcome any circumstance because we are the sons of the liberator Simon Bolivar, because we are the people of Hugo Chavez."

On Saturday, thousands of Venezuelans participated in a large-scale protest to reject acts of interventionism in their home country as part of the annual national Bolivarian Anti-Imperialist Day celebrations.

The Anti-imperialist Day is held every March 9 to commemorate the same date in 2015 when former U.S. President Barack Obama announced the first decree against Venezuela, by considering it a threat to the North American nation."

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g'night, i hope your sleep is restorative. tonight's lullaby is santana & everlast:

Cause there's a monster
Living under my bed
Whispering in my ear
There's an angel
With a hand on my head
She say I've got nothing to fear

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including the rubbish 'protestors set it alive accidentally'...

we'll take your word for it, marco:

telesur english, after the third cyber attack on the guri hydroelectric plant:

"The automated control system of the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant, which is popularly known as El Guri, was attacked. Inside this high-tech power plant, three of five backup generators were electronically sabotaged, Jorge Rodriguez, vice president of communication, tourism and culture revealed Thursday in a statement.

On Friday, Rodriguez clarified that the circulating reports that 79 people died in hospitals because of the electrical failure were "false."

"They didn’t know we had a generator system set up to prevent from happening everything they are saying has happened,” Rodriguez said to the press."

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b a MoA apparently put up this yesterday: ‘Venezuela - Three Total Blackouts In Three Days - Government Presumes U.S. Cyberattack’. he has a nice photo of the guria dam and power plants.

i'm too tired to comb thru it. been gettin' my 1961 singer sewing machine out if its cabinet ready to go to the hospital. the bobbin winder's broken, and i've been having to wind them by hand to mend all the things that need mending. they want $160 just to look at it... bah.

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from today:

“The General Director of the Hotel Eurobuilding Caracas and a spokesperson for the Spanish airline Air Europa say the categorically deny that members of Air Europa were shot at by armed gunmen, countering false information being reported by EFE and other Spanish news outlets.

Hotel Eurobuilding Caracas General Director Tachy Molina said in a Monday morning statement that as hotel director she was “obliged to tell the truth, and put an end to the lies that only try to worsen the situation.”

Referring to widely circulating articles published by EFE news the hotel administrator said “the information circulating about a shooting of the Air Europa crew is false.”
Since Sunday EFE and other news outlets have been falsely reporting that “two pilots and eight flight attendants were chased by two motorcyclists through the streets of the city with the purpose of robbing them” as they were riding in a contracted van from the airport to Molina’s hotel in Caracas.

Spanish news outlet ABC reported that one of the alleged victims told its reporters: "They tried to attack or kidnap us, blocking the road ... They followed us to the hotel at full steam” and once at the Eurobuilding hotel there was "a shoot-out between them."
Molina said that in fact that the shots were from a clash between police officers and criminals just outside the Eurobuilding hotel, not the hotel’s private security, as reported by the media over the past 12 hours.
“I emphatically deny that the information circulating is true,” stated Molina.

The fake report made on counterfeit Hotel Eurobuilding Caracas letterhead claiming crew members of Air Europa were attacked on their way to the Caracas hotel."

not strange, just par for the course: WaPo always drinks the Oppo Koolaid:

U.S. Southern Command Retweeted

from stephen lendman:

“If malware similar to Stuxnet was (sic) used against Venezuela’s power grid, the problem could linger for months, parts of the country continued to be affected by outages for some time.
Maduro’s government will need to marshal considerable technical expertise to fully resolve things – the type cybersecurity/anti-virus/security software skills Russia-based multinational firm Kaspersky Lab can provide.

It can also identify the attack’s source and lay blame where it belongs – the US most likely responsible. It clearly has motive, opportunity and expertise – waging war on Venezuela by other means to topple its government and gain another imperial trophy.
If the malware infection is widespread, continued outages may happen until the problem is fully resolved.
Resolution may take months, disruption in the country persisting, clearly the motive behind the attack."

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