Labor for a Ceasefire?

This guy Gene Bruskin was on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour:

Most of it sounds reasonable as an opposition to the complete capture of the US government by AIPAC and, ultimately, by Israel. And certainly Ralph Nader sounds reasonable in his response. Around 9:55, though, Bruskin drops the bomb: "though with our President, we're going to be actively advocating for his re-election, whether you disagree with him or not, 'cause we don't want Donald Trump."

If those people go out onto the streets, may I recommend protesting them? They're pointless. If you're going to vote to re-elect Joe Biden, NOTHING you say against the war is of ANY consequence WHATSOEVER. Jill Stein for President. Yeah, I said it.

I didn't listen to Rick Perlstein. Rick Perlstein is famous for his monumental histories on Why The Republicans Are Bad And No I Won't Say Anything About Why The Democrats Are Bad.

Hey Ralph! I liked you in 2000 and 2004. Could you bring on some less chickensh*t guests on your Radio Hour tho?

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"The war on Gaza, backed by the West, is a demonstration that the West is willing to cross all lines. That it will discard any nuance of humanity. That it is willing to commit genocide" -- Moon of Alabama

who to write in if it is allowed?
if it were multiple choice,
I'd probably check 'none of the above'
not that my vote matters much anyway

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