Just a Quick Update

First and foremost, I just wanted to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I am overwhelmed with emotions at y'all support. (Wow, decent humans do exist!)

I'm only up this early because the new hotel said they served breakfast. Dry cereal, muffins and Starbucks "rain-forest" coffee, is not my idea of breakfast. Sad

Well, it's been a few interesting days since I was, well, thrown out of my living situation. I had to move hotels because a guy was stabbed right below my hotel window and they were going to jack the room rate to over double to extend my stay by a night or two, from $33 a night plus tax, to $71 a night. I'm like AYFKM? (Are You Fucking Kidding Me?)

These people would not know customer service if it bit them on the ass. (Does anyone know what is customer service anymore?) At least the internet at this new hotel is decent and no where near as buggy as the last place. (Like pulling teeth to get on line.)

It's been a while since I've really had to drive a lot around Dallas, and I'm rather shocked at the amount of homeless people living under bridges, behind Walmart's and such.

The plan as it is, is to check out of here by 11am and then go do laundry at my friend's apartment complex and wait till she gets off work so we can go to her storage unit south of Dallas, and then go pick up a tent and some camping supplies. I'll stay the night in my truck in her parking lot.

Then Friday morning access my needs and then go get what ever basic supplies I need, fill up with gas and head on out on this new adventure. Smile

Once I get settled out there, and get connected to their wifi, I'll update everyone and hopefully have a lot of pictures of the place to share. I'm kind of looking forward to the Eco-sustainable living and blogging about it. I'm thinking my crop(s) will be potatoes and carrots. Maybe an apple tree to two?

Obviously I'm going to have to figure out if any of these will actually grow out there. I have no clue what the soil is like, and will have to study up on that as well. Of course there are a lot of posts here at C99 about growing food so I'm going to have to go back and read up on them.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Y'all give me hope and strength, and I am forever grateful!


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Glad you have a friend to help.
Check is in the mail.

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I hope this journey works out for you!

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rural/high tech is pretty extreme. Allowing the body and mind to relax creates an enviornment for self healing. When I did a lot of camping with a cat, he learned to wear a harness and walk on a leash. The only difference between between walking the dog was the leash occasionally went up into a tree.

Radishes, summer squash and beans will provided food on the table while the potatoes and carrots are growing large enough to harvest. Winter squashes may be eaten young as a summer squash and when mature are enclosed in a hard shell for storage.

Be thinking of you.

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tent for cooking last year when CoSARs etc hit here and we had no place to stay. Our house was no where near ready and we were out of money. So we tented on our own property. It worked well. Lightening storms were the one thing we did not stay in the tent during. Too dangerous.

We did get an infrared light/heater. It helped a lot at night when we wanted to read in our canvas tent and supplied light to read by.

Induction cook plate use little electric if you have access to electricity and can add a lot to your cooking ability. We got a two spot, counter top type, with variable sizes, very inexpensive. Use a magnet on cookware to be sure it will work with induction. Some aluminum pots and pans don't work at all with induction.

Intrigued that you can garden. I assume you are on private land?? That would be great. We have a huge rubble pile (gravats) where I'd like to put our raised beds. That is not essential spending at the moment. But after many years not gardening because of moving, and moving and being sans abri (homeless) gardening was not on the essentials list.

Reading alot about permaculture raised beds: meaning in contained space like breeze blocks or roofing to create raised beds.





Couldn't get the YouTube videos to embed.
Best wishes to you. Go in health.

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A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Allegedly Greek, but more possibly fairly modern quote.

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I hope your current plan works out for you, and if not, steers you into a situation that will work.

There are homeless encampments all around in Portland. They tend to be in groups, either in a cluster or in a line on the grassy verge by the freeway. Freeway is up higher so they have the sound but not sight of the traffic and are invisible to the cars and trucks above. The clusters I have seen range from half a dozen to about 20.
There are homeless people in my suburban town, but I've not seen tents. I don't know where those are. There is a daytime place for them run by a private non-profit. Homeless can shower, get a clean change of clothing, use computers, get lunch and to-go snacks, and get help applying for services they qualify for. Quite a few people visit the place regularly which makes me wonder where in this town they are camped. There must be vacant pieces of land hidden by bushes and trees near the street that they use.

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for your situation... Some wise guys said things like 'as you think, you are', and 'if you think you can, you can, if you think you can't you're right', and 'if it is to be, it is up to me'. Positive thinking is magic in a negative world.

Every time I ever got fired or quit, I ended up ahead of where I was. Every time I moved, it got better. Especially that time in the middle of the night. Wink Wishing you the best.

P.S. I loved your guitar playing!

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
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that had a breakfast room that was closed. The bagged breakfast included a muffin, granola bar, and a tangerine. The room had a coffee pot, and the horrid coffee sort of reminded me of actual coffee.
I think you might consider planting peas or beans. Green beans are easy. My favorite bean to grow is pinto. Nothing tastes like fresh pinto beans. Besides, they are a good food to have around when you cannot afford meat! They are recommended for their anti-oxidant properties.
You will make it, RR.

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