Jimmy Dore interviews Boogaloo Boi Magnus Panvidya

And what an epic Twitter Bomb it generated:

Pro-LGBTQ anti-war activists, or right-wing extremists? Internet goes ballistic after Jimmy Dore interviews ‘Boogaloo’ member', RT.com, 25 Jan, 2021

"Panvidya described himself as an anarchist who had a long history of environmental activism, rejecting the claim that the Boogaloo Bois were white supremacists or right-wing extremists.

He described the movement as a “libertarian/Green Party militia,” arguing that it has been regularly mischaracterized by inaccurate media reports. Known for their Hawaiian shirts, the Boogaloo Bois have been spotted at demonstrations across the United States following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police in May. The group has called for a revolution in the United States, peaceful or otherwise."
"Unsurprisingly, the discussion split social media, with some insisting that the Bois have been unfairly slandered by the media, while others took the polar opposite view and accused Dore of giving favorable news coverage to “white supremacists.”

However, judging by the responses to Dore’s tweet, the interview was generally not well received. The left-wing commentator was bombarded with mocking memes painting him as naive and gullible.

Some went a step further, accusing Dore of collaborating with “white supremacists” and “Nazis.”

I admit I'm not a fan of Dore's, but I commend him for giving Panvidya a chance to make his case for finding common ground. What else is left in such a divided nation but to listen to one another?

A side note: I tried to listen not watch; still unmanageable, so I advanced the interview until I could see and hear 'Hippie Commune raised Panvidya himself for a few minutes. Panvidya: 'All Wisdoms'?

The floor is yours.

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@snoopydawg based upon the title of the video. I think that he was in front of the Michigan state capitol when he made this speech. If so, that would explain the helicopter noise in the background. I am in the state capital of Florida and a lot of extra security was up around the state capitol building during the inauguration in anticipation of Trump supporters trying to disrupt things. Nothing happened here.

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Do I hear the sound of guillotines being constructed?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F. Kennedy