It's long past time for NATO to go away

When you think of NATO you probably think of this.


When you see how NATO has moved rapidly easterward you may be incline to say, "Well, those nations are scared of Russia."
I have to respond, "Then why didn't Finland ever feel compelled to join NATO?"

Also, I want to point out that it wasn't just Germany that invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. Hungary and Romania did too, while Bulgaria was an ally of the Nazis. Which explains why the Soviets needed to occupy eastern Europe starting in 1944.

In reality, NATO looks like this.


Right!?! You most likely didn't realize that Colombia was part of NATO.
Why? Who the f*ck knows.
It has "partnerships" all around the world. It's a growing global military organization in search of a purpose, which is not a good combination.

During the Cold War NATO never once engaged in military conflict.
However, since the end of the Cold War NATO has bombed Bosnia (given it's limited scope, I'm not much against this one), engaged in a full-scale war in Kosovo (not to mention redrawing national borders), spent 20 years at war in Afghanistan, took on pirates in the Indian Ocean, and of course, overthrew the government in Libya, thus plunging it into a failed state.

Since the end of the Cold War NATO has become more aggressive militarily, despite not having a real reason to exist.

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I have to respond, "Then why didn't Finland ever feel compelled to join NATO?"

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I've seen lots of changes. What doesn't change is people. Same old hairless apes.

A journal of NATO's threat to the world, features author Rick Rozoff, also at His essays have been informative about the crisis in Ukraine.

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@Linda Wood

at anti-bellum worthwhile to read, just hegemon propaganda.
Certainly does not portrays NATO as a threat to the world.

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Neither Russia nor China is our enemy.
Neither Iran nor Venezuela are threatening America.
Cuba is a dead horse, stop beating it.

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@Linda Wood

I posted it in the EBs but it fits here more. It’s a discussion on Russia’s response if Biden doesn’t back off on the threats to Russia. A very detailed talk about what could happen if he doesn’t.

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I really hadn’t anticipated the Senator from MBNA being this bad. I thought we had dodged the bullet with Hillary.

Voting is thoughts and prayers for liberals

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And that enables the spending of a hell of a lot of taxpayers money. After all its an emergency!!! (Be afraid)

If people ever fail to recognize that we will likely see more terrorism. Terrified?

I am. Of them. Something is broken in Washington.

Are they addicted to our money?

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terrified Washington was of peace breaking out when the former USSR called it quits?

And how much European oligarchs envied the Russians for stealing the whole country's shared wealth.

(when Russians called it quits because Chernobyl destroyed their trust in the former USSR, and its bureaucrats, people like Putin. (Not because they wanted the so called "rules based trading system, they didnt! We forced it on the whole world. See Keohane and Nye. And Quinn Slobodian. )

Didn't Russia invade the Baltic countries in 1940? After they signed a pact with Hitler,

At Yalta they signed another pact, with the UK and US, dividing up Europe on a napkin. Like a melon, or cherry pop-tart.

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As long as the rich are getting richer, the Utopia of Money stands intact.

That's all you need to know about NATO.

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""I think it's important to pay attention to the fact that prices need to come down in a number of areas, but we have been lowering the cost of living for so many people." -- Kamala Harris

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They just want excuses to steal peoples money instead of spending it on education and health care. Militarist oligarchs are like vampires sucking the planet dry of its life blood.

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