Interview with Patrick Starnes, candidate for Governor of Oregon

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This is an interview I conducted 1/23/2022 with Patrick Starnes, candidate for Governor of Oregon. Apparently there are a fair number of candidates (Ballotpedia lists seven) for the Democratic Party primary for Governor of Oregon. This Web address has the biography Ballotpedia keeps on Patrick Starnes. The primary will be May 17, 2022.

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Kind of a double-edged sword where the youth vote is concerned, you know...?

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In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is declared mentally ill for describing colors.

Yes Virginia, there is a Global Banking Conspiracy!

than your average run of modern Oregon Dem politicians. A practical approach to real people's problems and not compromised by big corporate $$$`s. And not inclined to write off small town/rural Oregon which, geographically, anyway is the bulk of the state, and which Portland's limousine liberals avoid where at all possible.

I don't see how he sees the 4th CD (DeFazio) as rural? It's Eugene/Springfield connected to a big whack of mostly rural and conservative SW Oregon. It was looking vulnerable until redistricting removed a lot of its redder areas (Josephine and Southern Douglas Counties) and glommed them on to the already red and geographically huge 2nd District.

I haven't even looked at the R and minor party alternatives for governor yet - since I got gerrymandered into the closest thing to a competitive CD (5th - Schrader) I will be mostly devoting my attentions to seeing him gone.

Progressives - in the form of Jamie McLeod-Skinner - will be attempting to primary Schrader - fine with me, I think she might be easier to beat and would probably be a modest improvement should she win. (Schrader is the 10th-ranked recipient of Big Pharma money in Congress, which should tell you something).

McLeod-Skinner is actually the only Dem I've voted for in ages - when she ran against Greg Walden in 2018.

At this point, I'm down for Lori Chavez-DeRemer for CD-5, although I kind of like Nate Sandvig's style as well - maybe one or both would be up for an interview...?


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It didn't look like a place where I wanted to own any property.

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"The cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation." -- Terrence McKenna

@Cassiodorus @Cassiodorus

It's not like Springfield is out to recruit liberal SoCal refugees, so it they were not likely to have been disappointed that you kept going... does that qualify as a win-win resolution?

For those unfamiliar, Springfield, OR is a bit east (other side of I-5) of Eugene - historically blue collar mill town with economy based on logging and related - contrast to Eugene, home of University of Oregon, basically a college town. Both were heavily Democratic, Eugene still is - but very different vibe between the two.

July, 2020 - BLM and Antifa go to Springfield:

"I never expected so many counter-protesters...this would never happen in Portland."

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