How do you think trust will fare,

after all this time of fear and isolation for so many?

My hope is that we will meet again, even more closely.

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You gotta be kidding.

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"I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.” —Malcolm X

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of the information they are receiving. We are entering a period of questioning, of learning what is true and false, of learning to be more flexible and adaptable. It is a time of reflection - look into your inner being and be grateful for all you are.

Take a positive outlook. Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with only the things you are grateful for today. What things in your immediate environment are you grateful for?

We are in mutable energy, so we will see more duality and become more conscious about it. Figure out what emotions you are stuck in because they stop you from being adaptable and flexible. Mental flexibility is critical now. What do you need to release? What must you let go of? Fortify yourself - uplift your spirit. What can you learn from the situation?

It's important to appreciate our differences, even within yourself. Welcome and accept the differences around you.

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"When will our conscience's grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?" Eleanor Roosevelt

"The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates (469-399 BC)

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@Raggedy Ann This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you, RA!

I keep hoping that this time when we are mostly are forced to be more isolated from one another will lead to greater self reflection and peace within ourselves. Inner peace presents us with a greater opportunity for peace and understanding of one another.

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"I don't want to run the empire, I want to bring it down!" ~ Dr. Cornel West

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F. Kennedy

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But not any politicians.

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"You can't just leave those who created the problem in charge of the solution."---Tyree Scott

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till they gave me a reason not to trust them. Now days, just being an "American" is reason enough, not to trust them. Our society's social fabric is made of greed and selfishness. I don't trust greedy or selfish people.

@RaggedyAnn by golly, I love your positivity and spirituality, and I'm grateful you are here at C99. You're like a breath of fresh air.

It's just my nature to see the injustice or warts and all, no matter how positive I think about something. It "feels" intellectually dishonest to think positive about a bad situation. I can, and do, see silver linings, if you will, but, I can not, not see, all the warts and such. It's in my face constantly, ever present and relentless, and I don't know how to tune it out, or if that is even possible.

About all I can muster today is, I'm still above ground, which is a good thing, I think... depending on how you want to view it. If I'm alive, it means I'm in constant pain from health issues I can't get any relief from. If I can't get a proper diagnosis from the poor people's clinic's, the SSA doesn't give a hoot.

Honestly, I see no way out of my current situation, without money or credit. My ill health is a serious constraint on my ability to earn or create either. (At least I've had 2 or 3 real interviews in the last 5 yrs, and not zero, so there's that!)

I am grateful for C99 and y'all's tolerance of my ranting all the time, so there's that. I would truly be all alone if not for C99, so h/t @JtC and crew, and everyone here! I'm grateful to my cat Gigi, otherwise I wouldn't know what unconditional love is. (I just wish she wouldn't cough up fur balls, on my bed! laundry costs money!)

C99 is my oasis in this shitty world. (How's that for positive spin, that doesn't feel intellectually dishonest!)


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C99, my refuge from an insane world.


physically if not otherwise

constant pain

our bodies are maybe too sensitive
no real relief there except perhaps for heavy doses
of controlled substances

it is the mind, once broken, as being a concern
there are yet to be invented crutches and wheelie chairs
to entice further involvement the pursuit of happiness
once the spirit is broken
seems few realize this
as being optional

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And I find your comments often insightful. My cat is my sanity. Indeed unconditional love. We do The Brushing every night. Start w the jowls because they all love that. We have very few hair balls maybe your cat will tolerate it. Thanks for being here.

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Stop Climate Change Silence - Start the Conversation

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is what our owners want out of this. And they're getting it. This country was already severely divided on specious "arguments" at best, this latest crisis will just be the icing on the cake.

Sorry, my negativity is showing but I agree with Ranting Rooster, I cannot seem to not see the negative anymore. And personally, I would rather be prepared for the worst and perhaps be pleasantly surprised when the worst does not happen. But it is very hard today to not see that negative outcome being brought to fruition right before our eyes, with little if anything that can really be done to change it.

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Only a fool lets someone else tell him who his enemy is. Assata Shakur

between fear/isolation and trust.
That said, my trust that my government will always do something to harm us has been reaffirmed. My trust that the media will propagandise us has been reaffirmed.
My friends I always trusted are, true to form, constantly checking on me in case I need something.
Many things have been affected by the pandemic. But for me, trust is not situational, has no ebb and flow.

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your senses

talking out of trust (or turn) when will we learn?

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I appreciate hearing everyone’s sincere thoughts and experience. Sharing your strengths and vulnerabilities, and offering your support is wonderful to be part of. I think it helps all of us to expand our understanding, our perspective, and our love.

Somehow we all still have to practice living, and at the moment in my mind is how do we succeed in translating fear into something more benign and satisfying. As people have suggested in comments here and elsewhere on the site, positive thought and quality time spent is integral to our well-being. There’s much that is supportive to be found here, at this safe haven.

Be well all, and stay strong.

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@janis b @janis b I have a reaction to catastrophe that doesn't match up with the general population. I have to take care of people, and must concentrate on what I can do for them. Then, and only then, is it about me. Snap decisions, protective mode, THEN me.
Any trust issue is can they trust me to handle their often life and death problems during a pandemic?
Absolutely yes. I will figure out a damn way.
Lots of love, friendship, trust, mutual admiration here.
Sheltering in, for me, is actually very much like my life, anyway.
I do not mingle at parties, do not join local community clubs or associations, I do not date, and even the nearest decent restaurant is 30 miles away.
These are business considerations. I am open to all clients of races, creeds, colors, stripes, or political views.
I have been living remotely for 35 years.
I do occasionally give eulogies at funerals.
I don't need to run into some person at the town square or a bar that threatens me because my cross examination of them was brutal. I have had guns shown/drawn at me me three times, been shot at once, had the Texas Rangers tell me to stay home for several days once, and read a suicide note of a man that said he intended to kill me and and his wife, my client, before he blew his head off, have been actually physically assaulted in a courthouse hall once.
Staying home is my life anyway.
Enjoying the site, which makes my life livelier and more informed, is really great.
Enjoy the poetry, music, art, communication, and just know there are those of us who are here for those reasons way before this sheltering in.

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badly humans destroy nature, they are not able to tame it, nature will always win and grows back, however slowly and differenty and no matter how much humans will try to manage nature intelligently but end up to destroy it nevertheless. We are too smart for our own good and nature isn't going to care about it one bit.

For trust in humans I do believe that humans' trust is dependent on how much that trust made you feel betrayed, abused, used or being put down. I think you learn when you felt betrayed. And you learn that it is not worth to hate for that feeling of being betrayed, as the hate destroys yourself more than it destroys your hated target. I do feel that trust changes and is capable of adapting to conditions. So I think there is a dependency on time and age and there is an ebb and flow, for me at least.

I trust that my headaches will go away when I sleep. Well, I hope so at least.

Good Night from Germany.

Good Morning from Germany. The wicked headaches are not gone, but there is another day.

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