A Friday night Hallelujah

In celebration of Leonard Cohen

An interesting interview about Leonard ...


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This brings back memories of my first wife - who I still love to this day.

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I don’t think there is anyone more elegant than Leonard at expressing and evoking the tender pain and longing of love we’ve all experienced. Going into the pain of a great lost love with Cohen’s music was for me a warm and embracing place to feel and release those feelings.

Nice to know another Leonard Cohen lover, which also reminds me of mimi who sends her greetings to 'the crew', and looks forward to returning when she finishes sorting out her life and computer stuff.

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Such a beautiful break from the harsh realities of this world.
Hope things are great in NZ, chica.

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@on the cusp

Things are well here. The warmth generated by the stove, and friends and family near and far, are a big part of it.

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