The family secret Bruce Ohr told Rod Rosenstein about Russia case

If there’s anything left of this planet in a hundred years, future generations are going to realize that the Dimocritic Party was responsible for turning this country into a worldwide political/social pariah. It was the Dims who WANTED Trump. Then when they figured out that he just might win, went into criminal/seditionists overdrive and tried to undo all their handiwork. At any cost to the country and its citizens.

The family secret Bruce Ohr told Rod Rosenstein about Russia case

By his own account, senior Department of Justice (DOJ) official Bruce Ohr played an essential — and unorthodox — role, carrying politically tainted allegations of Donald Trump-Russia collusion to the FBI during the 2016 election.


And now we learn, from testimony that is still being kept secret from the public, that Ohr admitted to Congress last year that he also took Russia information that his wife, Nellie, assembled against Trump on a computer drive and delivered that to the FBI in 2016 — a revelation that has raised fresh concerns in Congress about a possible conflict of interest.


The way Ohr described it, his wife’s research was like an additional dossier assembled from Fusion GPS research to augment what Steele was separately providing the FBI.

“She (Nellie Ohr) provided me with a memory stick that included research she had done for Fusion GPS on various Russian figures,” Ohr told congressional investigators.

“And the reason she provided that information to me is, my understanding was, it related to some of the same — it related to the FBI’s Russia investigation. And she gave me that stick to give to the FBI.”

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tangled web stuff. The dims got caught in their own webs. Pleasantry

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some type of election law when he met with the Fusion GPS affiliated Russian lawyer to get 'dirt' on Hillary, but not for her to use her party's intelligence agencies to get 'dirt' on Trump. I'd think that the FBI asking the British intelligence to spy on Trump and then give their information to them might be kinda against election laws too.

Once it was known that the FBI basically lied to the FISA court to get their warrants the investigations should have come to a complete stop. Anything Mueller has that came from the FBI investigations should be considered fruit of the poisonous tree.

The FBI had Milfud tell Papadopoulos that Russia had Hillary's emails and then he got drunk and told the Dutch ambassador who went tattling to the FBI completing the circle. That anyone is still believing in this Russian propaganda nonsense is just beyond my comprehension. Not one person charged had anything to do with the original charge that Trump colluded with Vlad to win the election after two years. Just how much longer does Mueller get before people tell him to take a dump or get off the pot?

And now Schiff is saying that Mueller hasn't been doing his job correctly and it's time for congress to step up and finish the investigation. Collusion has been changed to conspiracy because you can put people in prison for that. Changing the goalposts will never bring this to an end!

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