The Emperor Has No Clothes. Adams DUCKS Debate!

OMG Unexpected Twist Just when I thought I was over this race........

The spin and reaction from this will be something to see.

My first reaction is that now that Andrew Yang and the Media have started to examine Eric Adams actual record of lies and corruption, the guy that the Establishment coalesced around----who are as clueless as their choice----

is cowering under the bed.

Yang spoke ONLY the truth. Eric has been Borough President of Brooklyn for years and crime, UNSOLVED MURDERS have tripled. 3 out of 4 murders in Brooklyn are never solved.

Hope has returned, if only for a day.

As the news breaks I will provide updates.

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Eric is running from the City.

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Check out the foto in the Post piece. The guy with the stick is a head taller than Yang.

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about how Wiley wants to defund police but has hired private security. Do you know anything about that? If true, would that hurt her? I can't say I was very impressed by what I saw and heard from her in debate clips. Morales appears to be flat out incompetent from what I have heard; how did she get where she is now? Adams is the establishment candidate? I am confused, I thought that was Stringer.

What I would like to see someone ask Adams is what military materiel has NYPD received from the Pentagon, who authorized that, how much is that costing the city and why do you think that was a good idea? I also think, just saying, NYC residents are entitled to know which, as in names named, and how many NYPD officers have been sent to Israel for counterinsurgency training, and who exactly, DeBlasio? thought that was a good idea? Did Adams approve or in any way sign off on either of the above? Has he been asked to explain himself on either of those points?

Silly me, I thought putting down riots, riots, not demonstrations, is what the National Guard does. Police in my old fashioned view are supposed to enforce the law. I wonder how many unsolved crimes take place at times when police are deployed in demonstration control?

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