The Dose 4-10-22

Anyone have any COVID related news? This is the place for it if you do.

I want to summarize my current understanding as this is my last dose column unless something new emerges.

  • This virus Sars-CoV-2 was in all likelihood engineered and escaped or possibly was released.
  • It is deadly to the elderly. In the UK the average age of COVID death was 82.5
  • Symptomatic disease is largely preventable with Vitamin D. There has not been a recorded case of symptomatic COVID in anyone with 40+nm/mL vitamin D blood levels.
  • COVID is easily controlled with early treatment. Have your kit ready.
  • Masks are not effective, only sealed respirators can block the virus.
  • and my last summary point is this disease made obvious how inept our medical system is...captured by big pharma to the point where effective treatments were/are suppressed. People needlessly died.

Looking at the societal effects, TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) morphed into COVID vaccine obsession, and has now become Ukraine insanity. The media has effectively driven the mass hypnosis, and somehow our fellow citizens have blindly followed the lead. Thankfully most in this community know how to question the narrative.

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FcγR-mediated SARS-CoV-2 infection of monocytes activates inflammation:

Previously, there was a paper the noted that showed afucosylated IgG predicted progression to severe disease:

The current Nature paper shows that the virus hijacks the systemic inflammatory response to use those aberrantly glycosylated antibodies to infect inflammatory monocytes to and lead to formation of inflammasomes and release of cytokines. Figure 4 was interesting because it showed a mechanism for the protection from severe disease with vaccination. Antibodies formed in response to vaccination have normal glycosylation and don't promote the infection of monocytes. I thought that the protection from severe disease with vaccination was due to the T cell response, but this gives another mode where it may be effective. Also, the authors discuss that this may be the reason why treatment with serum from previously infected individuals was ineffective since they most likely contained the afucosylated IgG.

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I wonder how many people in the US have been infected and have natural immunity? The UK has 97% of its population with antibodies either from natural infection or vaccination. Here in the US we're still trending low with hospitalization and deaths, so perhaps this is the end of the pandemic and the start of an endemic cold like virus. I hope so anyway.

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As a last re-iteration of my personal approach to the pandemic / endemic ..
- never got the shots
- use FLCC guidelines primarily
- Quercetin / Bromelain / Vita C (1250 mg) daily
- zinc 50 mg daily
- D3 2000 IU daily
- Melatonin 12 to 24 mg nightly
- have Ivermectin 3 mg x 48 doses on hand for 'just in case'
- 81 mg aspirin daily

May have had the virus in Feb 2020, but never tested. Symptoms were mainly congestion.
Went away after a month or so using Mucinex daily. Generally, an almost constant runny nose,
using an antihistamine to reduce effects to fair results. More of an inconvenience than a cure.

This is what has worked for me so far.

Am not a big fan of wearing masks, and as of late have started attending group gatherings.

Have built several indoor air filtration boxes for neighbors and friends. Use one in our house
on occasion when shut-in during the winter months. Seems to work.

Thanks for keeping this alive!

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I think we were purposely frightened and the dangers exaggerated. All other approaches like the Barrington Declaration not just ignored but vilified. We've been played.

Good to "see" you. I've been out limbing up along a fence line so I don't have to trick tractor drive to mow it. Speaking of trick tractor riding have you ever seen a tractor square dance?

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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Reminds me, my tractor has a flat. Haven't needed to use it since last fall.
Oh well, always something ..
best be getting on that before much longer ..

to realize we've been played is a bit sour tasting
but certainly not surprising Wink

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Headlines from Automatic Earth post! Stay safe everyone. I've been taking both Vit-D and Zinc daily and I have baby aspirin ivermectin at the ready just in case.

• The Military Situation In Ukraine (Jacques Baud)
• Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Ousted By Parliament (PD)
• The Total War to Cancel Russia (Escobar)
• “Europe Has Chosen Its Fate” (Escobar)
• BRICS Ministers of Finance Hold a Meeting
• Russia Urges BRICS Nations To Create Own ‘SWIFT’ System (ZH)
• Support Grows Among Republicans For Hunter Biden Special Counsel (JTN)
• $54M in Chinese Gifts Donated To UPenn, Home of Biden Center (NYP)
• Hunter Biden Sought Oligarchs’ Cash In 1st Russian War On Ukraine (JTN)
• Durham Evidence: Relentless Democrat Effort To Sell Russia Collusion Hoax (JTN)
• Bill Maher Cheers On Elon Musk Joining Twitter (Fox)

Oh and by the way it's not about health but a treaty that was signed

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“Those who choose the lesser evil forget very quickly that they chose evil.”
— Hannah Arendt

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I like the daily art works too.

Glad you came by and dropped the headlines and tweets!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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@Lookout that posted the truths about what was happening on the Dose religiously during the "pandemic"!

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“Those who choose the lesser evil forget very quickly that they chose evil.”
— Hannah Arendt

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Vanden Bossche says the mass vaccination campaigns using non-sterilizing vaccines in the midst of a pandemic have encouraged the virus to select for not only increasingly contagious but also more virulent strains that are all vaccine-resistant. He believes the vaccinated in particular are now at serious risk of severe Covid and that the only hope for heavily vaccinated countries like the U.S. is large-scale prophylaxis with antivirals. He says his observations are all based on published, peer-reviewed epidemiological data.

Must watch because his worst nightmare is coming true. He warned against vaccinations during a pandemic with a leaky vaccine because it would cause antibody dependent enhancement. What we are going to see, and many countries are already seeing is an increasing number of people who have been jabbed getting infected. It’s causing the virus to mutate into something more deadly and the mRNA shots will not offer any protection. His way out of this is for massive anti virals to be used. If his predictions come true we might be seeing the return of the dose because things are going to get much worse again.

Also on the last bogus anti ivermectin study that didn’t work because people weren’t treated at the first sign of infection nor given a high enough dose. One exclusion was no one who had been jabbed were supposed to be included. Guess what? They were.

For example, the authors report that the total number of patients enrolled in the Ivermectin group was 679. Yet, in Figure 2, the number of patients reported to be age 50 or under in the Ivermectin group is 335, and over 50 is 295, which adds up to 630. There is no explanation for what happened to the other 49 patients from the Ivermectin group in this analysis. In that same column, the total number of patients in the Ivermectin group with data reported for “Time Since Onset of Symptoms” is 524, far short of even the 630 reported in the age groups at the top of that same column.

In another example, the authors report in “Risk Factors” on Table 1 that 14 patients in the Ivermectin group suffered from “chronic cardiac disease” at baseline Yet, in Figure 2 a few pages later, the denominator (i.e. baseline) for the total number of patients in the Ivermectin group who suffered from “cardiovascular disease” is a whopping 282! While technically cardiac disease is a more narrow category than cardiovascular disease, Table 1 does not account for these additional 268 diseased patients anywhere else under “risk factors.”

Again lots of people involved in the study went missing, but the people in charge of it just yawned. So stay healthy folks and keep your treatments close by because this isn’t over by a long shot.

It didn’t have to be this way. Many people warned not to do what has been done. The world will pay for it. Except those countries that weren’t given the vaccines and went another route.

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It is not until the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimming naked.

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this week on the FLCCC update.
It was designed to fail, just like the did HCQ. Despite the fact, IVM did show efficacy.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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about some of the summary.


Symptomatic disease is largely preventable with Vitamin D. There has not been a recorded case of symptomatic COVID in anyone with 40+nm/mL vitamin D blood levels.

How informative is the portion I highlighted? Are vitamin D blood levels routinely/systematically taken and recorded for all symptomatic COVID patients in all countries?


Masks are not effective, only sealed respirators can block the virus

. Not sure this is is really "good information". "Masks", of course, covers a world of sins, but I am more concerned with "effective". So, if we grant that no "mask" will block 100% of viral particles of size x or greater, if that the true, as opposed to perfect measure of efficacy. Need we look for perfect blockage if that generates an all or none situation in an environment where, arguably, "every little bit helps". More specifically, viral load is very important to both the contracting of the contagion and the severity of the resultant disease. If 2 people spend 5 minutes in close discussion with an infected person, one wearing any of several types andd qualities of "mask" and the other unmasked because "masks are ineffective", which will have the greater viral load, and how much greater will it be? Might this be the difference between catching the disease (an infection taking hold) and not, or in the severity of the resulting infection if both get it?

be well and have a good one

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@enhydra lutris

unfortunately levels were not routinely taken.

I've got no problem with people wearing a mask, but the evidence I've seen leads me to think they don't do much if anything to prevent transmission. YMMV.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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that was posted in the DOSE on 04/05/2022,
to determine why it "failed". None of the links posted show the actual reason for ivermectin's "failure".

Unfortunately the data was removed from the CONFIDENTIAL ACTIV-6 Protocol.

The published information of the 61 page document only goes to page 56. Pages 57 thru 61 which document the data on ivermectin have been removed.

CONFIDENTIAL ACTIV-6 Protocol [v1.0]

ACTIV-6: COVID-19 Outpatient Randomized Trial to Evaluate Efficacy of Repurposed Medications
Table of Contents
16. Appendix A – Ivermectin ....57
16.1. Risk Assessment ....57
16.2. Contraindications/Additional Appendix-Level Exclusion Criteria ....58
16.2.1. Contraindication Medications ....58
16.3. Ivermectin Information ....59
16.3.1. Formulation, Appearance, Packaging, and Labeling ....59
16.3.2. Drug Dispensing, Storage, and Stability ....59
16.3.3. Dosing and Administration ....59
16.3.4. Rationale for Selection of Dose ....59
16.4. Placebo Information....61
16.4.1. Formulation, Appearance, Packaging, and Labeling ....61
16.4.2. Drug Dispensing, Storage, and Stability ....61
16.4.3. Dosing and Administration ....61
16.5. Events of Special Interest ....61

List of Tables
Table 3: Ivermectin Adverse Event Table for Doses ≥ 300 μg/kg ........ 57
Table 4: Ivermectin Dosing Schedule.............. 59

This appears to be ANOTHER study that was setup to fail. So far I have debunked FOUR "official" studies that were setup to fail. TPTB are certainly pulling out on the stops in their attempts to denigrate ivermectin.

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